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Jul 9, 2016

REQUIREMENTS: Block Injector

  • Replaces all vanilla fake "laser" weapons with actual lasers, and buffs them.
  • Adds a module that Unofficial blocks can use to specify conversion rules for guns (anything with ModuleWeaponGun)
    • The module will do nothing unless LaserMod is enabled

  • Copy this zip to your QMods directory (It's under your Steam TerraTech directory)
  • Sample Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TerraTech\QMods
  • Unzip it in that directory. If you're using 7zip (recommended), Right-click, hover over the 7-zip option, select "Extract here"
  • Enable the mod in TTMM

Module API (For Modders)

Sample code:

"LaserMod.src.LaserModPatch": {
  "props": {
    "widthMultiplier": 0.6,
    "colorOverride": true,
    "color": {
      "r": 1.0,
      "g": 0.3,
      "b": 0.3,
      "a": 1.0
    "flashOverride": "Reference|HE_Laser_Zeus_222/_gimbalBase/_gimbalElev/_barrel/_muzzleFlash/MuzzleFlash.",
    "adjustMuzzleFlash": {"x": 0.0, "y": 0.25, "z": -0.15}
Insert the LaserMod.src.LaserModPatch module under Deserializer.
The props field should be a struct of the form:

public struct PatchProps
    public BeamWeapon template;         // Provide a template BeamWeapon. If not, the default is the Talos Laser BeamWeapon
                                               // This governs the LineRenderer settings (color/width), and hit particles
    public MuzzleFlash flashOverride;    // Provide an optional reference to a MuzzleFlash to replace
    public float widthMultiplier;               // Is applied to the width of the template's LineRenderer
    public float dpsMultiplier;                  // By default, attempt to preserve the DPS. Change it with this option
    public Vector3 adjustSpawn;             // Vector3 offset to apply to spawn point to line it up as you want
    public Vector3 adjustMuzzleFlash;   // Vector3 offset to apply to the muzzle flash to line it up as you want
    public bool colorOverride;                 // Do you want to override the template's beam color?
    public Color color;                               // The color to override the beam's with. Won't work without setting colorOverride = true
The output laser's range is auto-calculated based on:
  • the muzzle velocity and lifetime of the projectile (lifetime * v) * 1.5
  • The maximal range at ground level if it has gravity (v^2 / g * 0.75) * 1.5
The fire rate is not touched, except when it's defined as 0. It will attempt to extrapolate a proper recoil time based on Animations, but if that fails (I've never seen it succeed), then it will use a default value of 5 shots a second.

+ All lasers have been converted to beam weapons. Functionally, they perform as near-hitscan weapons.
+ The damage once associated with an individual shot is spread throughout the laser duration Mathf.min(cooldown / 2.5, 0.2) seconds

+ GSO Cab laser was replaced with a purple beam, GSO STUD/COIL lasers a green beam, HE ZEUS a red beam, and BF retains blue beams

+ Fire rate has been kept the same
+ Absolute range has been extended to 1.5x the original range on all lasers
- Most laser weapons have had their damage slightly nerfed

Individual damage adjustments are listed below. If a block does not appear, no change has been made to its DPS
*** GSO Narrow Gauge COIL Laser (111)
- Damage has been reduced by 50% to 65 DPS

*** Venture Lance Laser Turret (111)
- Damage has been reduced by 20% to 90 DPS

*** Venture NEEDLE Laser (112)
+ Damage has been increased by 20% to 240 DPS

*** Hawkeye ZEUS Laser Cannon (222)
+ Damage has been increased by 25% to 250 DPS

*** Better Future Laser Rifle (112)
- Damage has been decreased by 25% to 400 DPS

*** Better Future Assault Laser Streamlined (112)
- Damage has been decreased by 35% to 364 DPS

*** Better Future Speed Lance Laser (113)
- Damage has been decreased by 35% to 883 DPS

*** Better Future Gatling Laser (223)
- Damage has been decreased by 50% to 750 DPS

*** Better Future DOT Laser (111)
- Damage has been decreased by 25% to 330 DPS

*** Better Future Class D Laser Ray
+ Damage has been increased by 100% to 2200 DPS (5500 DMG every 2.5 seconds)


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Apr 26, 2021
this mod is really nice, but I think the D-class laser needs to have a higher fire rate WITH a not as powerful damage buff. right now, it can 1 shot almost anything regardless of the buff.


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Jul 4, 2018
@Matt hopefully you're the right one to tag for this. Apparently, red text isn't showing properly on the dark modes and only the light modes. Anything you can do about it?
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May 10, 2021
how do i install, does this need external software?
edit:im so smort bjlkafjbklafbjaf
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