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    Can we please make it so that if you have a laser on your vehicle you can press a button and then your laser follows your cursor and moves your guns. This would make things like railgun armed planes so much better and would improve the game. Maybe even make it so that enemies when fired upon from beyond their range can then target you back but not as accurately

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    The devs have said on many occasions that they will not add manual targeting. And with the possible exception of planes I suspect that such a change would make the game stupidly easy because part of the difficulty now is due to the inaccuracy of the weaponry. Removing that handicap wouldn't make the game more fun at all. Even just removing the auto-targeting nature of most of the weapons would make them far too easy to use.

    As for planes I suspect that the issue isn't that you need to be able to target them but be able to see where they are aiming, and that is a separate issue.

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    Aiming can already be done with skillful usage of WASD to aim ahead of your enemies and can be used to even counter the fastest enemies.

    I have managed to lead my enemies with a number of different weapons so that they can hit circling opponents.

    Honestly the hawkeye laser pointer should instead act as a huge fixed reticule for aiming at things rather than the useless laser pointer it is today.

    It would not allow manual aim, but assist with fixed aiming when sniping with ranged weapons to allow the sniper to predict the location on where it will hit when fired.

    Whatever it is directly facing towards should be illuminated by a red crosshair light (sort of like the red enemy base bomb warning indicator on the ground), allowing for manual sniping to be easier.

    In MP:
    While most of the skill of the mouse is left to rebuilding on the fly and grabbing blocks quickly before the enemy does, the WASD keys function as the aiming and mobility of the player.
    Mouse - Block management (Block collection, Block maintenance, Tech editing)
    Keyboard - Moving and combat control (Moving about, Aiming, Attacking, Quick rotations [build beam])

    I guess that Terra Tech was aiming more toward combat skills on the keyboard, rather than the mouse, unlike most FPS games out there.

    Take the GSO, VEN, and HE mortars out for a spin in MP with an aircraft build.

    Press the middle mouse button and watch in amusement as the mortar shells suddenly turn into player-seeking missiles on the targeted opponent.

    Somewhat comparable to missiles - less reliable but more controllable, since you can control when they should all home in on the target.

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