Korean Translation Questions


Mar 14, 2018
1. Many words in English are English-only words, for example: Scrapper: 스크래퍼[Seu-ku-wrah-per]
Should I translate it to a actual technical word? Such as Scrapper: 페기기(Basically means a machine to destroy items and turn them into useless junk)

2. The Hawkeye One Blocks have Alternate forms, but the Alt4 is missing and instead it's called Alt5.

3.The tow rings and hooks can both be called 고리[Go-Rii] but obviously that would cause confusions, so I called the Tow Ring 고리[ring, hook] and called the Tow Hook 갈고리[hook, claw].
While 고리 mostly means ring, 갈고리 mostly means claw. So Tow Hook isn't really 갈고리. What should I do?

4. Korean has a system where when adressing adults you change your way of speech to formal speech, called 존댓말 in Korean and Honorifics in English. Should I translate the mission speech to Honorifics or just normal speech?
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Jan 3, 2015
wow I'm pretty late to the party but... I'm korean and willing to help:)
1. I think in most cases, purely korean words are the better choice. I think you mean 폐기기 though? not "페"
3. Tow should probably be translated to 견인. So 견인 고리 and 견인 갈고리(for tow hook) would suffice.
4. mission speech should be taking the context into consideration. e.g. hawkeye dialogues would obviously not be in 존댓말.

eh... I wonder if you are still on this forum or if anyone's doing korean at the moment...