KMG vehicles

Commissar Farzi

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Nov 19, 2020
So, during the tank contest, I had come up with a headcannon group known as the Kabrinski Mining Guild, mostly to give the tank I made some background. They essentially were a loosely organized group of prospectors around a board of directors, but eventually grew beyond that, and with that growth came additional techs.

Anyways, their techs are designed to be a a bit...hit and miss-hampered by poor design choices, interference from higher ups, and occasionally corner cutting in terms of what types of blocks used.

Steam Workshop::Zeke MK1 (
Steam Workshop::Zeke MKII (
Steam Workshop::Zeke MK III (

The Zeke series of tech was meant to give their guys something to work with, where as the MKI was a somewhat durable if underperforming ground vehicle, and was usually reconfigured by the prospectors using them, the Zeke MKII is what not to do when designing such a vehicle. The MKIII is a purely combat focused variant and and is reasonably durable, though its cab is a little too close to the action.

It was an exercise in what and what not to do when making a tech, though admittedly I still haven't learned that lesson fully.

Steam Workshop::Stryker Fast Attack Tank (
The tank I originally made for the contest, and what started me building things in TT. The tank is reasonably durable, though admittedly the cab placement is poor.

Anyways, enjoy, I'll prolly have a few new ones here in the next few weeks/months.