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Do you like the following suggestions:

  1. Remove resource blocks from terminal and/or shop

  2. Filters Everywhere

  3. Filters 2.0

  4. Resource Reimbursement

  5. Spray gun for R&D pack owners

  6. Spray gun for everything

  7. Stats 1.0

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  1. Khaine

    Khaine Well-Known Member

    So... There's 151 pages worth of suggestions, so I'm sure most of what I'm about to say has been stated at some point but here goes:
    Remove resource blocks from terminal and/or shop

    What: Self explanatory

    Why: Because all you have to do is make money to build anything you want and "win". Terminals with resource blocks remove the need to roam for fresh resource spots. Resource rarity becomes irrelevant. Between prize money for kills, free loot crates and the high sell price + easy availability of erudian, you don't really need to move from your cushy base location until the erudian runs out.

    Filters Everywhere

    What: Add filters to all relevant Manufacturing and Accessory blocks.

    Why: The 1x1 conveyor filter is great, but it doesn't really solve all problems. Ever had your resource receiver pull wood off your vehicle (or right off the ground!) into a silo, clogging it up? How about unrefined resources that you picked up along the way? Sure, you can setup a refinery in the factory complex, but it will only refine it IF the factories call for that particular resource (which they usually don't). Or maybe you just came back from recycling a bunch of stuff, some of which your factory needs and some of which it does not.

    By implementing filters to receivers you can prevent these unwanted components and resources from entering the factory complex altogether. The same can be said of picking things up randomly from the floor on your vehicle (gatherers, thimbles). Droppers would only drop what you want them to drop.

    You could even create large capacity silos for a single ore, simply by adding a filter to it. The option is wallpapering the silo walls with conveyor filters, which is a very crude solution to a very simple problem.
    The GSO filtered node silo is already a half baked example of this, why not go all the way?

    Filters 2.0

    What: Add weapon, wheels, manufacturing and standart blocks filters.

    Why: If filters become more prevalent (see previous suggestion), they could be expanded to other items. Your block magnet would no longer be dragging GSO 1x1 blocks behind your vehicle that you don't really want. Your scrapper would no longer recycle your cruise missiles, just your GSO wheels. Your SCU would no longer steal the resource blocks off your scrapper. And so on.

    Resource Reimbursement

    What: When removing fabricators, components factories, scrappers or similar manufacturing items, have them spit out the resources/components inside them.

    Why: Ever pulled a fabricator off the assembly line by accident, only to lose the half created block of celestian inside it? Ever had a factory complex go sideways and wanted to start from scratch, but still had a bunch of resources and components already paid up front into the factories? That's why.

    Spray gun for R&D pack owners

    What: R&D owners get a spray gun that lets them make turn standard GSO blocks into coloured blocks (yellow green block, for example).

    Why: It works on Robocraft to bring in more premium users, people like colouring their blocks to make outrageous vehicles.

    Spray gun for everything

    What: Taking it one step beyond, it would be nice to be able to recolour all manner of parts, from blocks to weapons.

    Why: No more "I don't like the green lights on the battery, I want red ones!". That and Hawkeye is just too black. Although I do realize that some parts might have up to 8 different colours in there, plus shading. So this one's probably not feasible.

    Stats 1.0

    What: Weight, Hit points, Damage. Make them accessible to the player.

    Why: Because it would be nice to know how much a block weighs, how many hit points it has, how much damage a weapon actually makes. This "This venture weapon does more damage than the geo weapon but less damage than the GSO weapon but shoots faster than the hawkeye weapon" system is something out of pre alpha. Stats please. If not on the game itself then at least display them on the wiki.

    PS: Maybe add thrust power and lift capacity stats for flyer parts as well? And whatever other relevant stats I may have forgotten.

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  2. Hydraesque

    Hydraesque Member

    1) I have no opinion on this matter one way or the other, tbh I just buy everything I need via the payload terminal

    2) I feel like this might ruin builds and also be too much work for the devs to implement. Also, half the fun of automation is having everything dun goof and finding creative ways to go about things

    3) Yes please. I dont need 50 geocorp blocks dragging behind my tech, but I also dont want to miss the opportunity of finding a missile weapon. I also dont appreciate attracting death bomb batteries directly inside my tech

    4) also yes. I feel like it's a bug anyways.

    5) hmmm, I guess it would be pretty useful, but I dont know how difficult it would be to implement it, and for such a small thing too

    6) Again, I dont know if this is really necessary, but it would be useful (and hawkeye parts are too dark goshdarnit)

    7) I would like the stats on the wiki and at least some stats displayed, but not all stats should be displayed. The player should test it themselves to see whats good or bad. Relying on what a number tells you is not fun
  3. QuackDuck

    QuackDuck Duck

    Regarding 5 and 6:

    The devs have said before that in order to do that, they have to create new textures for every new colour for every block, which is very, very time consuming. They might do it in the far future, but I don't know.

    Also, try and avoid making a long list of suggestions and instead make them separate threads on their own. It makes it easier to comment on them and the devs have said that they don't have time to read lists.
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  4. ifnotthe2nd

    ifnotthe2nd Member

    Wow what a list...

    1) people have different play styles and this facilitates those that are not big on finding resources...
    2) smart base building will get you around most of this one...
    3) this is a decent idea but seems unrealistic, a magnet choosing? hmm maybe a new tractor beam block...
    4) I save often just because of this. There's a lot of resources wasted because of this, and in the early game this can really hurt. Mid to late game though, I've got so many resources that it's not that big of a deal...
    5 & 6)
    There's no way to just make a quick an dirty "tinter"? Yes they wouldn't look the best but there would be other colors...

    7) I've been looking for stats and wasted hours with bad builds because they were not available...
  5. QuackDuck

    QuackDuck Duck

    To be honest, I'm not sure. If the devs somehow implement a basic colour tinter though, all blocks might change colour at the same time. The blocks take their textures from a shared .PNG file, so retexturing certain areas for a single block might be hard. It might affect other blocks unintentionally as well.
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  6. Seth_Seth

    Seth_Seth Temp. Leader of SFS, Gamer

    It's a net loss anyways because the resource blocks cost more to buy than you get from selling the resources.

    yes pls.

    Useful for RP as well.

    @Jamie , what do you think of this kind of posting suggestions?
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  7. layer1

    layer1 Well-Known Member

    Just filters on collectors would be a nice addition. A three-way filter on the alternator conveyor would be another one.

    Silo filters.. Hmm, I guess? The regular filter works good with them but it could allow things to become more compact, so why not?

    If almost everything had a right-click context menu for filtering, it would be a (very minor) bother to send that tech to inventory.
  8. Khaine

    Khaine Well-Known Member

    Well yes, but the point is I can make any components/end product I want, as long as I have enough money to buy the minerals off the shop. Which means I don't have to actually explore the game, just explore the erudian veins.

    I believe his exact words were "I run away from them like the plague" :D

    I just kept writing down ideas and it was either this or spam a couple pages' worth of suggestions. Didn't notice the "one idea per post" thing rule until later. My bad.

    I would just like him to have a read at what I wrote and implement anything that he feels makes sense. Wasn't really going for the whole "I have 24 votes, you HAVE to implement this".
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  9. Seth_Seth

    Seth_Seth Temp. Leader of SFS, Gamer

    it's more neater than they would probably expect tho.
  10. Jamie


    If you create a separate thread for each suggestion then it means the devs can dip in to the more likely-to-implement threads and have a discussion. I don't link threads like these to the guys as there's too much to go through and make sense of :)
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  11. Seth_Seth

    Seth_Seth Temp. Leader of SFS, Gamer

    does that mean their completely ignored?

    PINHATT Member

    I disagree with you in the "Remove resource blocks from terminal and / or shop"

    I liked the idea of the terminal and I find the way to win it very fair, it is not easy to raise the levels and this is a good reward, I think another solution would be to put more levels and put a limit of blocks (daily) that you can pick up from the station.

    The rest I agree on everything. :)
  13. Jamie


    They get read - but proper discussion probably won't happen.

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