Kebab HQ


Apr 2, 2017
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This is where all the status updates for the Kebab HQ will be placed.

Status: Alive and running

@Icarus_The_King_Of_Angels has a research facility set up inside our borders

Guarded with:
22 AA defense turrets
30 Anti-tank turrets
15 AA platforms
4 orbital strikers
400+ Interceptor spaceships
Border patrol
Nuke system
Our entire offensive tech army
IcarusTech Turrets (Odin)

Current Balance: 227 million BB (we've been saving)

Erudite: Very High
Ignite: Medium
Celestite: Medium
Plumbite: Very High
Titanite: Very High
Rodite: High
Carbite: Medium
Oleite: High
Luxite: Very High
F*bron: Extremely High (gotta kill those trees amirite)
Sap: High

Mass production:
4 factories around the home planet
Mass production is at a new high

Home planet (shared)
Malapet (Kebab control, seized from Kiwis)

Planet Eater status:
Up and running
99% shielding
99% health
Current planet being eaten: a lifeless moon beside a lifeless planet orbiting a lifeless star

We have control of some Kiwi ships and their blueprints.
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