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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Ninjin_Ninja, Apr 2, 2018.

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    So hey....more modes would be nice to start off with, currently ones I've thought of would be nice (some which you may of already made a lil) are:
    A Survival where its PvE multiplayer, and it would just slowly build up waves of stronger enemies while they work to survive.
    Second is a Resource hunt, where all players get the same or a similar mining vehicle and a set money point, and they can do whatever they want to try and get to that point, and whoever gets there first wins. Obviously that mode would have to start different than death match because people could just farm while no one else joins. I would suggest having a central or around the map Refineries.
    Third would be actually a flying challenge where players all get the same plane, and it would be a big map and there would be rings in the sky of varying sizes for points, and smaller ones would give more points, this could either have a set point or a whoever has most points by end wins kinda scenario. Ill leave that too you.
    Fourth would be a Boss hunt, another PvE game, but all players would get a smaller tech, and they all have to face against a giant tech Boss. And if they kill it they'd all get prize blocks to upgrade, and it would go to a bigger and/or stronger boss tech.

    Hope you like all these and i'd really like to see some of them in the game. :D
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    I think this was actually one of the original multiplayer game modes that the developers first showed off in very early multiplayer streams, but I don't know what the developers think about that game mode now.

    Another interesting game mode (that the developers also originally had in the very early developer-only MP builds) would be a game mode where there is this "crown" block and you have to steal the block and keep it on your tech without it being stolen from you for a set amount of time to win.
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    yeah i watched the stream with both, i just merely forgot the juggernaut/crown one :p thanks though

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