Joking about making a TT anime: The cringining

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Apr 9, 2017
Anywhere and Everywhere
I've got an idea for how the series could progress. An eager spiky-haired lad joins the GSO, because it's his childhood dream to become the best off-world prospector in history, and is assigned to an oleite mine operated in conjunction with GeoCorp. He quickly becomes friends with a GeoCorp mechanic who repeatedly bashes him over the head with a hammer because she struggles with expressing her feelings, and together they solve problems and deal with enemies around the base. Most problems would be solvable during a half-hour-long episode, requiring the construction of a new tech or the use of a new block in a lavishly-animated battle sequence.

A lot of the enjoyment would come from seeing all sorts of amazing techs being even cooler than the game engine can consistently show. The pilots would perform amazing feats of drivership, dodge enemy fire, shoot missiles out of the air, weave between towering rocks, rebuild their techs on the fly, pull off the most unlikely strategies, make their techs stronger by trusting themselves and believing in their friends, and never once resort to a gun-drenched battery pyramid. There would be stock deployment scenes, tech-building montages set to music, and everyone would shout out the names of their attacks. Yes, even if it's just "ZK-74 Machine Gun Blast!"

An overarching storyline would gradually develop involving a conspiracy between Legion and some high-ranking members of the GSO, forcing our young hero to question everything he believes in. Maybe his wise old mentor (Crafty Mike, perhaps?) turns out to be evil, just to rub salt into the wound, or the cold, aloof leader of the mining project sends the spiky-haired chap and the GeoCorp tsundere on a suicide mission, only to set the guards on them when they get back. Either way, they're left with just one choice: Build the most powerful tech in history and use it to destroy Legion's attack team. As you do.

Obviously, the series doesn't have to feature all these cliches. There doesn't have to be romantic tension between the main characters, nor ludicrous haircuts, nor a big fight in every episode. As impossible as it seems, the dub could even sound good. All ideas are welcome, however unlikely.
You had me at I've.

If anybody wants to see that, they should suggest names for characters(main character, loyal companion, mentor, the big bonanza at GSO, etcetera)

Nope everything's good; I can't think of anything else to add.

But if there's an excess of ludicrous haircuts I will jump in a lake and burn everything I'd done for this project. (That's not a threat; it's a promise...)