JimmyBlether's Random Question #1= If You Had Your Own Planet, What Would It Be Like?

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lemonian founder of Z-tech corp
Nov 2, 2018
somewhere in vermont state
We haven't reached BTI yet...and it's probably easier to use an airship than the rocket
I live in the Z-sector, and a couple of systems away from BTI-496. I would need something like a rocket to make it. I'll make it to BTI and try making a starting place for the Armada, when the rest arrive
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Confused Leader of the Golden Armada
Oct 14, 2017
I live in the Z-sector, and a couple of systems away from BTI-496. I would need something like a rocket to make it. I'll make it to BTI and try making a starting place for the Armada, when the rest arrive
Do you have a discord account because then we could more easily talk to each other


Not A Noob
Apr 3, 2019
My planet is a strange one, it's orbit takes it in and out of the event horizon of the Z Sector black hole. Because it is sometimes in a reality warping area, some strange things like floating oceans and pillar biomes with resource seams exist. I mainly live in the floating ocean Z-FL-472, where I have parked the Entity Overship.
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Apr 27, 2019
1. Climate/Greenlands/wastelands

  • Greenlands 3 ft tall grass
  • Greenlands trees 25 feet tall in 3 years
  • Wastelands are -2 degrees F (very cold)
  • Greenlands 75 degrees F all year long except for middle of winter
  • Weather of wastelands and greenlands

2. People

  • Zombie Blobs live in the greenlands
  • Nuclear infected people live in the wastelands
  • Zombie Blobs eat fine salads, monkey meat and sometimes elephant trunk
  • Nuclear infected people eat crow, berries, and Zombie Blobs
  • Nuclear infected people have scarce food so they invade the Greenlands and fight the Zombie blobs
3. Tech/desolate wastelands/animals

  • The zombie blobs use torches, spears, and catapults.
  • Nuclear infected use nuclear powered tanks, motorcycles, and tommy guns with 200 bullets.
  • The waste lands are 65% of the planet.
  • In the greenlands there’s monkey kings, monkeys, elephants, and 56 species of birds.
  • In the wastelands there is only crows.
4. scarce vegetation/oasis

  • The wasteland has no vegetation except oasis.
  • Oasis’s are the only trustful source of food for the nuclear infected people.
  • Oasis’s are the only thing warm in the wastelands.
  • The biggest oasis is gadehour the central base of the nuclear infected people.
  • Gadehour is perfectly round with a dynamiter of 98 feet and 11 inches.
5. weather

  • The weather in the green lands is mostly rain, and partly snow.
  • The weather in the wastelands is horrible, mostly hail and blizzards.
  • Every day at the wastelands theres one blizzard at least.
  • Every day at the greenlands it rains on about 25 of a 2000 miles area every day.
  • It snows in the greenlands when it winter, in the wastelands it rains aside when its summer.

Galakag is a planet of beauty, but a planet of beasts. This planet holds the wastelands and the Greenlands, home of two species, nuclear infected people/humans and the zombie blobs. Let’s talk about their climate, the Greenlands is a beautiful place full of green and life with natural grass that grows over 3 feet tall, the trees of the green lands grow 25 feet tall in just about 3 years, and there are over 300 species of birds, fish, reptiles, and mammals and its very warm for about the whole year. The Wastelands are almost lifeless holding only common oasis plants and black waste crows that can life in the -2 digresses Ferrante cold. The tech of the wastelands is complex war tech they make nuclear powered motorcycles, tanks, tommy guns ect.

But the Greenlands use tribal equipment, like spears torches, and catapults. Let’s move on to what they eat and what their weather is like. Nuclear people only eat berries, crows, and stolen food. The zombie blobs eat fine salads, Monkey King/monkeys and elephant trucks for desert. Let’s talk about the weather, the weather in the Greenlands is mostly rain/thunder and sunny, but during the winter it sometimes snows/hails.

The Wastelands has constant hail the size of golf balls commonly and minor to extreme blizzards and acid rain in the summer. Let’s go back to climate. The Greenlands also have 120 different bushes, including blue berry, raspberry, and copanit a tropical fruit, that is sweat when been ripe for more than 30 minutes (all bushes included here have fruit grow on them). The Greenland also have over 532 flowers like tulips, sunflower, and eveort a rare herb flower, that grows in the mountains. Due to scarce plants in the Wastelands over 35 poor families of nuclear people die of starvation. Ether if they lose a oasis, or can’t hunt for birds, or invade the Greenlands, they die.
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