I've played for 53 hours so far, and these are my thoughts on the game


Jul 20, 2020
  • I like how many of the NPCs in the game are inexplicably rude to the player, and how you can do things to them to really mess with their heads. It was funny to chuck Wing-nut off the bridge, salvage three of his Battleship MkIII's, and then head over to the Almighty Cube and flatten it in seconds with the new cannons causing the Almighty Leader to freak out.
  • The non-unique Venture race missions just need to have quite a bit more time on the clock. I have serious regrets every time I choose to accept a race mission because of how difficult they are to beat, and am learning that the better choice is to just not accept them at all so that the other Venture missions can appear.
  • I still have yet to do any serious crafting with the Fabricators, and am instead buying things from the shop to suit my needs for new blocks. Mostly I am just condensing the refined materials into Resource Blocks so that I can (hopefully) find a use for them later.
  • Overall this game has a lot more content in it then it had when I played it back in 2017 and I'm glad to see that.