Is the world procedurally generated?

Geocorp Jumper

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May 24, 2016
So, now that I’ve caught a quick break from assignments, I thought I’d check out the new biome. I figured the world would be procedurally generated, so I just picked a direction and started flying. However, about 20 minutes later, I began wondering if the biome would actually appear. I know I was in newly generated area, because unlike my first trading stations, the ones I was seeing had the chargers on top of them (yes, it’s an old world). Is the world really procedurally generated? Or are the wastelands just that rare?


Apr 21, 2016
London, UK
Hey. Yes the world is indeed procedurally generated, although harpo is correct: any changes we make to biome generation will only appear in a new savegame. This is due to the way our generation and save data is implemented.
Take minecraft as an example; new biomes do show up in old saves, but the edges between chunks (in MC, tiles in TT) are not connected leading to huge straight cliffs. This is acceptable in a square, voxel style game such as MC, but the smooth rolling terrain in TT does not lend itself well to that.

We have however heard the community, and we agree that having to repeat the whole progression in a new world just to experience a (small) world upgrade isn't great. We're working on a solution for that problem and have some ideas already.
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