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Feb 11, 2015
I posted this somewhere else, just thought it'd be worth posting where it belongs. Some of it is out of context as it is made of multiple posts. But you get the idea.

General Idea. To bring the techs back to the size illustrated in the concept art, some blocks would instead be put inside the regular blocks we play with all the time. Giving utility to individual block without having to make the tech 100+ blocks just to survive, you'd instead only need 5-8 blocks in theory to do the same job. Saving the need for building massive techs that break computers to people who just want to go big, and leaving the rest to play the game in what I feel the devs thought would be the small,medium and large techs.

----------This is just copy and pasted------

Hold up, what about internal blocks... stay with me. So you have your outer block, say a basic 1^3 block. This one block would then have a sub-block count of... say 8 for math reasons. Now in this you would put your shield and regen and batteries and whatever else the devs want. On the outside, no extra blocks to choke computers. Each addition of sub block adds a little model representing whats inside (to add a bit of detail).

Now devs hate this because they be like, but we wants things to pop off.


Now each of those 8 inner blocks are a life!!!!!! So say you put 8 inner batteries on, small battery models appear on the outer cube to show there are batteries. But if it gets hit by a weak gun then a battery flies out. Hit by a mega cannon, 4 batteries fly out.

But say you load the block with 4 armor blocks and 4 batteries. Well now the block displays little armor models in simple toy detail but also 4 batteries. This block gets hit, now instead of randomly ejecting a part it has to hit the armor first because reasons, but it would require 2 hits to pop an armor insert out.... errrmagerrrrr i love this idea. No it works, you get the concept art simple 2-12 block techs. All the kit that you need to run a tech but all that cute little toy stuff we love. If you want to build silly big, sure why not. Ill let the devs figure out the rest...

The internal blocks fit in to the blocks you know and love any standard 1x1x1 GSO or venture or 1x2x1 GSO Venture or the big boys of 4x4x4. But instead of having to make a tech out of 80 batteries to have the charge you want. You'd make the tech out of 10 1x1x1 GSO blocks and then fill each with 8 batteries. I'm not saying make everything internal, just the "systems/modifiers" like shield, batteries, armor, regen, and whatever the devs see viable.
More advanced stuff may be, you'd strap on a refinery, but to make it refine faster instead of putting 4 more refineries on, you could insert a few "go faster" blocks. These literally make whatever they're in, go faster, you put it in a refinery, it refines faster, put it in a tractor block it pulls faster, put it in wheels, they turn faster, put it in a gun it shoots faster. And maybe, a "make stronger" insert that on wheels makes them hold more, on guns makes the damage higher, on regular blocks it may modify them to require 1.2 hits to pop out instead of 1.0 hits. Then maybe a "make lighter" which would replace framework (but this is kinda weak idea).

These modifiers could be cute like this and be generic at the same time...


And yes, when they take hits, the contents pop out. This would avoid the initial thought of "I don't want to attack him because it took so long to build this the way I wanted".

Now, say you are out of a fight, you got all shot up, now all you have to do to repair (if no major blocks were shot off). Is drive over the internal parts. The internal parts would be sucked up in to a "Cab collector" say it's a list of little bits you have. You just hit a "replace" button and the computer to the best of its' ability puts the modifiers back in their places. If you don't have all the modifiers, well, manually figure it out.

As for the major blocks, everything is normal as per the game is now. Some major block is shot off, well, fix it yourself. Drag a new one on or rebuild the tech.

Well, it would fix the "ERRMAGERRRED I NEED A SHIELD NOW!!!!!!" by giving your blocks a visible health bar and it would fix the issue with having to have a ton of batteries or other things that make up your tech.

Might be an idea to just have the shield block just shield the block it's in. Then a "big shield" shield it and the blocks attached. This way there'd be no more eye-sore bubbles at least.

As far as balance goes... it is beta.
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Jun 30, 2015
1. In case someone wants to see the initial discussion: "somewhere else" =
2. My reply from there (edited. recommended to read it again): It would be the way to go if devs wanted to encourage players to build small techs. But one of developers mentioned during a stream that they are going to make 5 sizes of weapons and all weapons we currently have are from two smallest sizes. I guess it means they want to encourage people building bigger techs and optimize the game enough to handle this techs smoothly. Also: if devs didn't want people to build big techs they wouldn't add the GeoCorp.
3. "If you want to build silly big, sure why not." And now imagine the lag after one big tech annihilates another big tech. There will be 8 times more objects (or even worse because big techs tend to use GeoCorp parts) lying all around because all internal blocks will pop out.
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Feb 11, 2015
As far as the internal blocks were concerned, I wasn't picturing them as physics objects when they pop out. More along the lines of small spinning things. Like coins or collectibles in older games. I forgot to mention this.

These internals would also be collected automatically once driven over. Take a battle for example. Bits get shot out, they go flying. You'd be able to run them back over if you can make it to them, the computer would randomly slot them back in to blocks whos internals are missing the corresponding internal (hmm, if you had a couple internals shot out, and ran over only some, the blocks missing internals would have the ones that were previously there replaced).

The main blocks, the ones we use now, they remain the exact same as is in game right now. Need tractor pads to pull them in, refine them and build them.

As far as the bigger weapons, I realized this. But even if the biggest had no tracking and only shot forward giving the benefit to agility it wouldn't matter. 121 level 5 guns placed in an array is going to kill everything no matter what. 2 of these titans would both just suffer defeat on both sides with no hope of winning. Imagine the lag in the net code when two titans blow up at the same time? The entire internet would collapse. HAHA... I'm all for it!


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Feb 25, 2015
I think the devs have a good idea what can be done with this game through optimizations and other improvements that they are or are going to be doing.

I would love to see two monster techs battle it out without it lagging like crazy. Would be an epic battle scene.

Have a good one
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