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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Khaine, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Khaine

    Khaine Well-Known Member

    What: Makes thrusters go the direction your keyboard is telling them to

    Why:Again stealing from a certain game where there are robots and crafting...

    Basically terratech thrust is "dumb". By dumb I mean that you push a button and ALL thrusters fire, uncaring of which way you're facing or which way you want to go. However, since you can't really put things diagonally, it's fairly easy for the game to know which way you want to go.

    I suspect it'll take alot of coding but I would like to see thrusters assist movement. If I push left on the keyboard I would like ONLY the thrusters that assist movement in that direction to fire.
  2. Hydraesque

    Hydraesque Member

    I actually like the shift to boost. firstly, because I dont want to just constantly use the thrusters and move erratically because of fuel and uh

    yeah, mostly because I use thrusters as a backup plan for escape and climbing mountains. I dont want to have it constantly active
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  3. Zorgomol

    Zorgomol Well-Known Member

    There are already the steering hovers, so all the required programming is pretty much in place; really it is rigid body physics 101 stuff.

    I gather that the idea here is that you could put thrusters pointing at any direction and then those would fire based on WASD status, e.g. shift+W = boost forwards, shift+S = boost backwards, shift alone = boost upwards...
  4. Deutsche Würfel

    Deutsche Würfel I look good in this dress.

    this will all be handles in the great UI update. when we can assign blocks to keys, we can sort this out ourselves.
  5. Hydraesque

    Hydraesque Member

    oh. ohhhhhhhhh.

    nvm im dumb. But still, if I want to make a heli-plane hybrid it wouldn't work because going up and going forward would be mutually exclusive
  6. Khaine

    Khaine Well-Known Member

    If I recall correctly, the way they fixed that in robocraft is you go up/down depending on which direction your camera is looking at. Basically *something* needs to replace the absence of up/down buttons. Shift can only add speed, not steering.
  7. ifnotthe2nd

    ifnotthe2nd Member

    tried to make a VTOL using rockets... ya that was a bad idea...

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