Improved block rotation


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Nov 1, 2019

Please replace the current kind-of-random rotation system (the components factory is very annoying to place) with one button for changing the face of the item to be placed and the other item to go through each attach point available and for it to go through each orientation available for attaching the block.

If you want, you can go a step further, and have 3 keys for rotating, one for the face, one for attach points, and one for orientation of the attach point.

Or, at the very least, either reorder the block rotations of components factory, or change their models while not placed, so we don't spend entire minutes while trying to each single components factory, for a total of lots of minutes for each crafting tech, especially if we try to change the position of the components factories or to move them around.

Last time I tried to build a big crafting tech, it took me more to get the component factories placed the right way than it took me to build the rest of the tech.
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Nov 13, 2020
I couldn't agree more with this. The seeming semi-randomness of it drives me crazy. Something like the way space engineers does it using 6 keys (2 for each plane) would make things far less frustrating; especially as you say with component factory's which are an absolute nightmare to place.
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May 24, 2016
For non-anchored blocks, I'd say limit rotations to all unique rotations (so GSO one block would only have 3 rotations). And prioritize all upright rotations for anchored blocks.