Imagine if Terratech merged with some other games


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Aug 1, 2017
I absolutely love the freedom of Singleplayer, and games like Terratech. It occurred to me when a game 'Crossout' released an update about 'The Founders'. It reminded me a lot of Geo-Corp in Terratech, and i've been dreaming in the past couple of days how much an amazing game that could be. Don't get me wrong,Terratech is really good, i love it, but with such graphical and gameplay mechanics, i think it would be pretty mind-blowing. At least for me.

What do you think, what games could make a sick game together?


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Feb 23, 2018
obviously touhou and terratech
Now, that's what I like to hear. Can you imagine spell-card duels between techs? Every gun and missile launcher would determine what kind of barrage a tech could shoot, every wheel or propeller would help it weave between bullets, and you have to balance every aspect of your tech to make something small enough to avoid getting hit but strong enough to overwhelm the enemy. Maybe all the bosses- the Spider King, Wing-Nut, Gruntle and the rest- could get their own theme songs and stylish spell-cards for us to be destroyed by at least twelve times.

And what if Agent Pow was put in charge of keeping rogue spell-card-equipped techs at bay, and Suzie Vroom decided to tag along with her, tease her, annoy her, buy her tea and cake and give her plenty of smooches? Wouldn't that be fun?