IEC - Independent Earthen Colonies (Custom Corp)


allah gaming
Jun 27, 2019
Hello there!

This is my second custom corp, first being HS (Hyperion Systems). I wanted to have a fun little side project to HS, so I decided to make a secondary corp, that being IEC. I will be releasing some basic blocks shortly after this gets posted. So here is a brief rundown of IEC: They come from the remains of Earth, aiming to live a peaceful life. The corp's theme is very industrial, almost the opposite of BF. Their main goals as a corp are expansion, exploration and research. Don't expect much from this corp, as they are quite early game, and don't have the greatest of technology. But they specialize in manufacturing blocks and power generation. So yeah, there's a rundown of the corp. If you're reading this, I hope you enjoy playing with the corp! You can join the TerraTech Discord for updates on development.763e88ade9ba642ca58acb19ebed5480.png