Ideas for Reticule Research Missions

Jun 16, 2020
Another idea


Atom requests help in a salt flat. when you get there, there is a buy pad and a rather large manned turret. He wants you to buy the turret which has 2 Hive missile launchers. The job simple take control of the turret and survive the BF hovers he made angry and doesn't tell you about until you get in the turret.

"Now that you have the turret, lets test the hive missiles. and I know just the target. A group of BF hovers are on their way because I, uh, well that isn't important but the next tool to test will be a cool [the number you are given]."

This prompts a 5 wave attack of BF hovers set as mk12 of the one you had to buy a bunch of. the main difference is they are armed. the hive launcher is pretty good at dealing with them, the main problem you will have is the shield on the tech is a BF one with a venture healling and only two GSO batteries so yeah those go down quickly.

Once the hovers are beaten Atom will thank you, stating you stopped BF from getting their blueprints back, drop a crate wish you luck and allow you to keep the turret for more testing.
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