Ideas for Reticule Research Missions


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Apr 4, 2019

Since the decision of adding RR to campaign is recent, devs might be starting to design their missions right now. Therefore we the community have a chance to help with that while it haven't even entered the oven yet.

What we know so far comes from this announcement, and I'll quote the campaign part:

We are now happy to announce the following:
  • Reticule Research will join Campaign Mode!
  • Their missions will work a bit differently from the other Corporations. This will be in keeping with their role as an experimental technology test contractor.
  • Reticule content will focus on set-piece missions themed around testing and demonstrating RR blocks.
  • An RR Fabricator and Terminal will be awarded after all grades are unlocked.
So, we can start thinking of ideas around these concepts of experiments in a set-piece, physical environment for it to happen. I would say any idea is welcome, but if it follows this concept, the chances of it happening are higher.

  • What are your ideas of missions?
  • What would be the challenge involved?

Some of my ideas:

Weapon Testing Missions

A general concept that has high probability of happening as mission is something along these lines:

  1. You're given an undiscovered RR weapon to mount on your tech; it is big and clunky so it may be hard to mount.
  2. You have a testing ground with targets to destroy. The place is a large open lab with many platforms and ramps.
  3. Navigating gets more difficult with each target, with harder to reach targets in high or distant places from the track.
  4. The big weapon makes it hard to fly, narrow passages makes big techs undesirable.
  5. May have a time limit for destroying all targets.
Here we have a kind of obstacle course with several challenges on tech design, and I must say this mission should be harder than average; we already have way too many "blow it all up" no-brainer missions; a tech design challenge that tests it to the limits would be great.
Real damaging harzards like moving lasers, acid pools and such could be added for a hazardous obstacle course.


Survival Arena

Here, you are the target.

  1. The arena will contain a space for you to stay or move within.
  2. You enter the arena, your tech snapshot is saved.
  3. Invulnerable techs containing RR weapons will shoot at you.
  4. You must survive for as long as the weapon testing lasts.
  5. If you fail, you respawn nearby with your tech, no costs charged.
  6. If you win, you respawn anyway, but also the enemy techs become friendly so you can get their RR weapons and blocks.
This mission will test your ability of making a highly defensive tech, and difficulty could be upped to the point of your having to anchor a big brick and turtle your way through the survival trial, or if there's space to maneuver, a tech fast enough to avoid being shot.
A hazardous "racing course" is also possible, with hostile turrets along the way and time limit to reach the end; Venture mission on hardmode.


I only have this couple concepts for now, hope you guys can share even cooler stuff!
Please avoid text walls, use bullets and paragraphs, thanks!


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Sep 20, 2019
I'd suggest avoiding adding custom terrain for RR missions.
Back in the day, EXP techs spawned on rare slat flats.
Just have them happen on salt flats.

Not sure if they have any way of restricting blocks, to FORCE you to test the weapon, but maybe force the player to use their chosen tech, and turn off the inventory.

Epic afdc

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Mar 8, 2016
I have an idea for a fun little mission that might be like a “final mission” for reticule. It is the aftermath of an expirament gone horribly wrong. The area was doused with radiation. Your mission is to rescue the scientist, who is trapped in a large building, with two floors, excluding the roof. The building looked like it has seen better days, with holes in the walls, collapsed ceilings, ETC...

Now I mentioned the radiation, that’s because it will slowly damage you as you look for the scientist. This of course can be countered by healing bubbles. But! There is a catch, you need to use a small tech because one, the building is falling apart, and two, the doorways are too small for larger techs. There are also malfunctioning defense turrets around the facility that will shoot at you on sight. These need to be destroyed of course. Now upon finding the scientist, you need to escort them out of there. Fortunately, there are few enemies in the area due to the radiation. Upon completion you earn really high end RR stuff.


Jan 19, 2020
I suppose maybe something like a hauling mission. You're given a block with some sort of unique property or function that you must mount to your tech, then travel a distance to a certain location without losing it to damage. The challenge could come in that the block may be really big, really heavy, or really battery thirsty to avoid easy strategies like strapping it to a plane or surrounding it in shields. May be a good way to encourage making AI techs to defend you as well. If you get it to the destination safely you'll be allowed to keep it as well as a reward crate. just put all this under the guise of a "versatility test" and you've got some good, simple mission material.


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Jan 18, 2019
Testing commisioned by other Corporations
Here's my suggestion for each corporation:
GSO: Testing new bridges - sure, RR is more interested in guns and revolutionary equipment, but someone has to test them. This mission would consist of you driving across a bridge, which would sometimes collapse and sometimes not, the challenge would be not getting buried under all the debris.
Geocorp, Venture and Hawkeye: Block testing, more experimental blocks fitting those corps, these blocks have to only be unlockable by completing their missions.
Better Future: Vehicle testing (hoverbirdmk8when)

Kevin Vanderhoef

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Aug 15, 2018
Somewhere in Seattle Washington.
What about survey, and explore missions? you're given a 3x3x3 anchored block (ominously labeled "Seismic Mapping Device with the RR logo) you are supposed to take to a set of Coordinates (waypointed on the HUD,and radar) place it within "Standard margin of Error", then move out of range.
There will be a large Boom (w/screenshake) followed by a call to return to station for reward. as a bonus you also get a temporary map of the biom, and location of the bordering Biomes, loaded to your radar map overlay.


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Nov 21, 2017
Though not 100% Reticule Research, I think it would be very cool to implement missions where players get to experience more exotic types of tech battles, for instance, massive Antigrav LME airships or layered shield techs. Perhaps Reticule Research combat missions could pit you against techs from other corps using RR blocks as well as some of their corp's more unique items. I'm talking multitech Hawkeye turrets, venture vehicles that regain battery through their dynamo generators, swarms of drones, etc.

GK vec

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Nov 17, 2017
Here is my thoughts.

RR Weapon mission

1、Protect the ion cutter
GK Ion cutter.pngGK sheild station.png

Mission overview: An allied special cutting vehicle is opening a protected box, surrounded by an enemy with a large golden shield and a pile of batteries and radar. The radar station will summon the enemy when the allie is cutting the shield. Before the enemy's shield power is exhausted, protect the friendly cutting tech from being attacked to death by the enemy.

Remarks: 1. The friendly cutting tech of this mission has a shield, repair cover, and electricity, and player can charge it. 2. This mission is different from other daily protection missions. The friendly cutter tech can be destroyed. If it is destroyed, the mission fails.

Rewards: two ion cutters and a bunch of RR parts

2、Rescue the friendly vehicle from the trap pit
GK trapped tech.pngGK transfer drone.png

Mission overview: An allied vehicle has fallen into an enemy trap. The trap is a deep pit. After reaching the mission site, you must first disarm enemy units around the allied vehicle, and then, an airdrop supply box will obtain an anti-gravity gun, and a pair of large tow rings, players can use anti-gravity gun on friendly vehicles to make them float out of the trap. After floating out of the trap, you need to use the drag hook to pull the friendly unit to the evacuation point 100 meters away. There will be a large transport aircraft at the evacuation point. The friendly unit will be dragged to the transport aircraft. The player leaves the transport aircraft and take that friendly unit away, then mission is successful.

Remarks: 1. Use the terrain modification algorithm directly to generate traps. 2. The cargo compartment of a large transport aircraft is a hidden part. The transport aircraft is a propeller or rocket vehicle that can take off vertically. 3. Allied units are always invincible.

Reward: another anti-gravity gun and a bunch of RR parts

3、Air defense support

Mission Summary: A friendly base is about to be attacked. Players need to bring AA guns to support them.After arriving at the mission site, the enemy sent a number of small or medium-sized aircraft with bombs, electricity, repairs, and shields, which required players to use AA guns to shoot them down and kill them.

Remarks: 1. This friendly base is not an invincible unit and can be blown up, but it has its own power and solar energy, also have repairs and shields.2. This mission may need to use flying AI. I saw it on the twitch live broadcast of the payload in 2019, and I think it's time to take it out.If needed, I can build some suitable bomber planes. 3. HIVE missiles can be given away for use in missions, but in this way the preparation time of HIVE missiles must be reduced in order to have a better gaming experience.

Rewards: another AA gun and a bunch of RR parts

4、Raid enemy truck
GK truck.png
(When destroy the two front wheels of this truck, the only cockpit will expose)

Mission overview: There is a lost enemy transport vehicle nearby. There is a pile of compressed mines on it. This vehicle can only melee and has only four wheels. When the player approaches, the enemy truck will actively chase the player. Player should destroy enemy unit's two wheels using Sticky Cannon and let it can't move any more, then destroyed its cockpit to get all the compressed mines on board.

Notes: 1. Before destroying the wheels, all parts of the enemy transport vehicle except the wheels are invincible. 2. This task is accepted at the trading station near Salt Flats, and the task location is refreshed in Salt Flats, which is convenient for chasing battles. 3. The player will firstly get two sticky cannons. 4. The cockpit of enemy truck will no longer be blocked by armor after the wheels are damaged. 5. After destroying the enemy's cockpit, all parts of the enemy will not explode, and they are reserved to the player at 100%.

Rewards:All parts the truck has, and a bunch of RR parts.
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Nov 21, 2017
What about raiding laboratory complexes? You could make special Reticule Research themed structures and make it a sort of mini-dungeon-crawler type quest. Maybe bandits are occupying the research outpost and you are tasked with navigating through the building, destroying anchored defence turrets and enemy techs armed with RR gear. Of course, the main draw of this type of mission I think is that it forces you to limit your tech size to a small-medium build to move around. New structures aren't exactly easy to make though, perhaps using a set of building modules and procedurally generating structures would be the best way of doing this.
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Kevin Vanderhoef

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Aug 15, 2018
Somewhere in Seattle Washington.
How about "build it" missions, as Lessons that teach you how to use the bearings and hitches.
As an example you need to build a Catapult or trebuchet , and hurl a Steaming Turkey at a target.
or build a set of trailers, to test out the Variouse hitches.

Maybe a series involving Explosive parts, (Explosive bolts and you...)


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Mar 4, 2020
Why not some basic search the crate missions or sell components or defeat enemy techs for scrap as this factions weapons look half hazardly built and quickly put together as some sort of low quality prototypes that they task you to craft or sell compnents and/or scrap enemy blocks and mabey mine resources

joseph racer

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Feb 1, 2019
Why not some basic search the crate missions or sell components or defeat enemy techs for scrap as this factions weapons look half hazardly built and quickly put together as some sort of low quality prototypes that they task you to craft or sell compnents and/or scrap enemy blocks and mabey mine resources
I think they are trying to make RR different from the other corps
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Geocorp Jumper

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May 24, 2016
I like the idea of RR missions like "destroy an enemy tech with _____ experimental weapon block" or "neutralize rogue experimental tech." I did once think of something like "fabricate _____ experimental block," but such a mission would be too easy and too similar to the Crafty Mike missions. You could also capitalize on the thief or spy missions: an enemy has stolen an experimental weapon; hunt them down and you can keep the stolen weapon.

As an introductory mission, I'd say GSO informs you about an RR experiment going horribly wrong and assigns you to handle the situation. The scientists award you with a license after you solve the problem. The problem? An EMP test shut down the base defences and the base needs protection, or an AI tech testing grade 1 weapons malfunctioned and went rogue.


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Jun 16, 2020
Got an idea for a mission.

Omni course

We are testing new wheels, and techs ability to deal with loose and expense. Can you run this course filled with deadly lasers and cannons, oh you have to use this build which costs 50k and we will be charging you for a new one each time it is damaged. any damage will cause it to self destruct. Good luck.

The course its self is near impossible to go through but not impossible. Instead you are to go through the ring head back out and loop around to the exit and enter there.

If you complete it the hard way Atom will be disappointed as he expected you to figure out the actual solution, but thanks your for the BB.

IF you complete it the cheat way, Atom is excited as you where able to figure out exactly how he wanted you to complete the course, he gives you a bonus crate for solving it this way.... to bad it explodes on landing and only drops one firework launcher.