Ideas For EXP Axles, Bearings, Ball & Sockets, etc.

Wowy Does Things

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Aug 6, 2019
If this is a bad idea, or you have an improvement to my idea, feel free to let me know!

With that out of the way, let me begin my thoughts. So far, the experimental axles, bearings, ball & sockets, etc are extremely hard to use. The best way that I've found to connect them involves placing them at the right time, and having the two techs aligned properly.
Of course, this can be tricky and an inconsistent method, and my idea is to add an easier way to place them together. My idea, is to have "dummy" attach points, basically having attach points where the two parts are supposed to go (see picture 1) , but instead of normal attach points, these "dummy" attach points do not actually attach the two parts together, as they are just merely there for alignment of the two blocks.

Image 1 Where the Dummy APs should go.jpg

I'm also thinking the same treatment for the axles and bearings, except, of course, the "dummy" attach points would go the the rod for the axle, and on the inside surface for the bearing (see image 2).

Image 2
2019-08-06 (1).png

So yeah, that's my idea in a nutshell. Again, if you have any suggestions, or feedback, let me know. And one last thing, yes, this is probably impossible to implement without rewriting entire lines of code and redoing the block models, but this was just a fun little idea I wanted to share.