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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nate, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Nate

    Nate Well-Known Member

    1) Instead of mine so many rocks or chop so many trees. You need to shoot that many collected resources into space. This will make much sense as far as why your on the planet. Only needing to mine or chop down is a little silly.

    2) Assassination missions. Kill a certain invader level tech that's off some where waiting for you.

    3) Stop with the loot chests and their drop in tech defenders. A tech should be carrying a resource block or something else valuable. You need to go retrieve it.

    4) Craft a certain item mission. Your tasked with crafting an energy transfer coil, SCU or something else useful. This should assist newbies by guiding them how to progress. Newbies won't know how useful key items are. You task them with crafting it and then they get to use it afterward.
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  2. Ninjin_Ninja

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    1) They already do that, like the third geocorp mission or so, they could possibly add more than that I suppose if your so needing of it :p

    2) The catch the racer tech is basically that, having a invader spawn when u grab the mission could be interesting though, I think there used to be a hawkeye quest that was to hunt invaders, but I haven't gotten it again since new updates.

    3) It may be annoying sometimes, but if they didn't have the guys spawn,it couldn't exist as just free stuff. I do think it would be funny to see later game variations of that radar thief from the beginning missions, its like "I'ma get that block from the tech in any way possible, rolls up to this massive fortress tech XD backs away slowly...

    4) This could be interesting, but also didn't that one crafty mike mission require you to make a rocket for him? maybe i'm just not into crafting too often, but I would personally dislike those missions.

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