Idea for better block rotation


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Aug 30, 2015
We all know how finicky block rotation can be. Press F or G, go through a billion iterations until you finally find the option you are looking for. Pretty annoying, especially for the blocks with a lot of APs.

A solution I can come up uses toggling, dragging, and the visible AP icons that pop up, as well as some modifier keys. You click a block to pick it up, and it toggles. Click again on the air or something, the block drops. No more holding the block for while while you spam G.

If you click and hold on an AP icon, the block sticks to that point. This only applies to icons, meaning you can't attach to APs if you can't see them. If you right click, the block detaches.

When you are holding left click to attach the block, you can drag the mouse around to position the
block. The block will follow the direction you are dragging, and also respond to how far you are dragging.

Let's use a GSO 3 block as an example (spoilers for pictures).

You click and hold the block on an AP, and it sticks in a default position connected to one of the middle APs on the GSO block:

You drag to the left, the block rotates to face left:

If you drag further away, the GSO block attaches to one of the APs on the end:

If you drag up, the block faces forward, and further forward if you drag further forward:

If you hold shift and drag forward, the block faces upwards:

Other blocks can work in different ways. Maybe the refinery could have one of it's tips face the cursor?
8.png 6.png 7.png

And if we needed some sort of rotation in addition to the pulling, then we could use F and G. For a GSO 3 block, you can press F or G once to rotate it to face the line vertically:

I think this method would be pretty intuitive, and would be better than spamming F and G for a couple of minutes to get the right position. Might be tricky to code, but I think it would be worth it in the long run.
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