Id claiming system


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Feb 2, 2019

i won't speak one more time about our actual claiming system ...

but i think we have an easy and performant solution .

We can share a texte file with google docs ...
listing by number the claimed ID.

So everyone in the #moddingteam could add, modify or remove claimed ID's ...
This text file could be readable with a web page (think it's possible with google docs itself).

after that, everyone could check claimed ID's and claim new one could be easy as asking it on discord

For now, we don't have problems ... we are less than 20 modders, and probability says we cant conflict.
But our objective is to have many more modders ...
more modders, more mods, more ID ... and probably conflicts.

I'm ready to make the test, create the first document, test the sharing system and the possibility of check it with a web page ...

For now, it's easy to make the change ... we are few, and don't have problems of colliding id's ... when we'll got problems, that will be too late to organise ourself.