I tested all missiles ranges just for fun (unstable


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Mar 4, 2020

I like Missile most of all weapons in terratech. They are guided and deal good amount of explosion damage to foe.

Now there are new missile, Hawkeye BMB, so I become curious how strong and how far they can. So I tested it briefly.

It is just for fun, so it could be inaccurate. If so, please let me know.

1. Hawkeye BMB (Vertical) : 3.1~2 grid, 550 damage each, 2~3 fired per volley.
It is brief test, so I measured range with grids of bottom. I am shocked bc it has shortest range.

2. Venture Cluster(Vertical) : 3.3 grid, 750 damage per each volley.
It has slightly longer range than BMB, both in vertical and horizontal.

3. Hawkeye Seeker : 3.7~8 grid, 500 damage each, 2 fired per volley.

4, 5. Hawkeye BMB (horizontal), Venture Cluster(horizontal) : 4.2~3 grid.

6. GSO Missile Battery : 4.8~9 grid, 475 damage each, 4 fired per volley, maybe fires 3 missiles in 1 sec.
It is better than as I thought.

7. Hawkeye cruise : 5.6~7 grid, 1175 damage.
It is not longest range missile...

8. Reticule Research Hive : 6.5 grid
Well it can hit target 1~2 times in that range, its dps and accuracy decreased significantly over 3 grids. in close range, it can deal 1050~1750 dps briefly.

9. Venture Avalanche : 7.5~6 grid, 175 damage each, 700 dps.
Is there anyone who expect THIS has longest range? Tooltip says it has short range missiles! It should be bugged. I CANNOT ACCEPT IT!
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