Huge 'wishlist' and other suggestions


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Feb 3, 2020
As the title suggests, this is just a big list of things I'd like to see added to the game.

Game changing:

Now that we've got naval guns why not add boats and water? You could build naval bases at coasts or out at sea, have huge battleship warfare or just some small motorboat skirmishes. Submarines could also be added at some point.

Center of lift changes as the aircraft is speeding up, variable-sweep wings could be added to change this. Maybe even a sonic-boom effect (although not at realistic speeds as that is impossible rn in terratech).

Different types of weather such as rain which would make the ground slippier. Also night should play a bigger role with it being darker and lights being more necessary, enemy names not being visible and maybe adding infrared cameras. The biome should also play a bigger role with sand moving and being harder to grip and gliding across ice biomes.

Engines that would not replace the power provided by wheels or other propulsion but would rather complement it, making them more powerful. Different engines would be heavier and larger but could make early game wheels not obselete in later stages of the campaign.


Jet engines in different sizes with attachable afterburner (which would work as a rocket). Maybe would require an air intake, these could come in different types as well.


Classic dumb bombs that do not have any kind of tracking, unlike the Hawkeye smart bombs that we have. These would cause way more explosive damage over a larger area but a direct hit would not do much more damage. These could come in different sizes and would have a very slow reload rate.

Better Anti-Aircraft weaponry. Some AA cannons that do damage and some SAM like missiles that can aim. These would only be able to be pointed upwards like the AA cannon we have right now as to not be used in a ground-to-ground role.

Jamming. Some kind of electronic warfare jamming block that would make enemy radar, power guage and the like unusable when in proximity. These would require power.

With the introduction of naval warfare: anti-ship missiles. Big boy true cruise missiles with an extremely slow reload rate that would be used to target only ships or other seagoing vessels.

Non-guided rockets. Would do more damage than the tracked ones but would- as the name suggests- lack tracking. Could come in a big variant for use on land or small one for use on aircraft.

Just a gun with explosive damage that does not rotate. It should fire fairly fast but not do too much explosive damage.

Torpedos with the possibility of being boat launched or aircraft launched


Enemy aircraft in campaign as well as friendly AI being able to fly planes

A special campaign mission like bomber intercepting or being a fighter escort

Modular fuel tanks. A 1x1x1 block with attachment points on all sides that would come in two variants. The first variant would be a normal fuel tank that tend to explode when hit and another self-sealing variant that would not explode upon destruction and would have more health but would be heavier and carry less fuel.

Different types of radar, varying in size and range. Some could maybe show the size of the enemy and their current direction.

More types of wings, larger ones. Also blocks not specifically made to be wings giving lift when they have a large enough surface area.

Better support for vehicle transport such as fixing when vehicle 1 is placed on vehicle 2 and vehicle 2 moves, vehicle 1 does not move with vehicle 2 and instead falls off.

Improving the Hawkeye laser to be a visible laser that goes through the air.

Blocks that can move with the press of a button, for example a block that can have one side rotate making it possible to for example rotate weapons or propulsion mid battle.
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Kevin Vanderhoef

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Aug 15, 2018
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Just having a Center of lift location in the build beam (based on the placement of wings, and/or hovers would be nice. so would a center of balance indicator because as fare as I can tell all we're geting is center of footprint from the Build beam...
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joseph racer

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Feb 1, 2019
The devs have already said no water unfortunately. I believe no weather either. They are currently working on flying enemies.