How would you characterise each Corporation?

Discussion in 'Open' started by Zeena, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. reaperx1

    reaperx1 Crazed Builder

    I tend to think of the corps like this....
    I wake up put on my GSO outfit and get up for another day in the life of the average human. Were good at everything, but we excel at nothing were just ready for whatever comes our way.
    From there I put on my big yellow Geocorp coveralls and head into work where the work may be hard, but we get to explore and we love it!
    Now we all know the best part of the day is when we get a chance to change into our Venture gear and head out for an action packed night of thrills and excitement. Driving fast, flying low and always putting on a show!
    However as we all know with a day like this there can be problems and that is when we put on our Hawkeye issues battle armor, load up and then head out to deal with what ever threatens our good one [8D)

    I try to remember to update this as I see the other corps come into the game and I have had a chance to get a feel for their role in my TT day.

    Have a good one [8D)
  2. Fehn

    Fehn The Almighty Machine

    GSO: Basically the DMV

    GEO: "Diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hoooole!"

    VEN: "Gotta Go Fast!"

    HKE: The Army, with a sales division.
  3. Traveel

    Traveel Well-Known Member

    Can somebody fill me in on “Legion, Space Junkers, Better Future, and Reticule Research”

    How do I unlock them? Especially Legion.

    @Legionite , do you have something to do with this?
  4. Traveel

    Traveel Well-Known Member

    GSO: “We’re trash. Except our megatons.”

    Venture: “We’re not trash, and we go fast. We’re just super weak and we die really easily.”

    Geocorp: “How do you like making millions off of killing trees? Y’know, he greatest most powerful enemy in the game?” (Note: beg to nerf the way too OP trees)

    Hawkeye: “Move skrubs” *blows up everyone*
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  5. Traveel

    Traveel Well-Known Member

    Nature: “We are by far the most powerful corporation. Our trees will destroy your large techs and any chance you have at take-off or landing a plane. Our rocks will annoy you to death, and our tiny resource chunks are pretty much invisible, and do more damage than 3,000,000 cruise missiles at once. Also, we hate Geocorp. Those guys are bullies :(. Not to mention they make a ton of money killing us :(
  6. Dynamix

    Dynamix Do you want to have a GOOD time?

    These are planned corps for future updates,they haven't arrived yet.
  7. Traveel

    Traveel Well-Known Member

    H Y P E !!!! I’m more exited about this than multiplayer.
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  8. Lord Zarnox

    Lord Zarnox Founder of the IFTTES

    Don't get too hyped; they aren't planning to add them until after the full release (version 1.0), and they have been planned for over a year (I don't know the exact time or date, but it was before I joined the forums, that's for sure).

    Although, in honesty, I am also more exited for the new corps than I am for multiplayer, so I am also hyped, but not unreasonably so.
  9. Assimalate

    Assimalate Well-Known Member

    GSO: Followed "Try Everything" and didn't focus
    Geocorp: Peaceful, wants to be left alone. Occasionally rolls over techs
    Hawkeye: Expensive, but their stuff works
    Venture: . but with guns that can swivel fast enough to keep up
  10. Traveel

    Traveel Well-Known Member

    Oh. I guess they won't be coming out for another 20 years. Also, is there any kind of reward for playing TT before it gets fully released?
  11. rdoom2003

    rdoom2003 乚乇卂刀乇尺 口下 卄乇乚工口丂

    Yes a standard GSO block will be delivered to your house by orbital cannon.
  12. Traveel

    Traveel Well-Known Member

    A souvenier GSO one block? I approve.
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  13. rdoom2003

    rdoom2003 乚乇卂刀乇尺 口下 卄乇乚工口丂

    Not a souvenir a solid steel gso block will come hurdling towards your house at mach 7.
  14. Dynamix

    Dynamix Do you want to have a GOOD time?

    Well at least it's not a GeoCorp block...
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  15. rdoom2003

    rdoom2003 乚乇卂刀乇尺 口下 卄乇乚工口丂

    You're in for a treat my friend. Beta deluxe members get a free GeoCorp block!
  16. Traveel

    Traveel Well-Known Member

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  17. Dynamix

    Dynamix Do you want to have a GOOD time?

    Now that's what I call a "deluxe" offer!
  18. Traveel

    Traveel Well-Known Member

    Do canaries get a Hawkeye block?
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  19. Dynamix

    Dynamix Do you want to have a GOOD time?

    You mean canaries?
  20. rdoom2003

    rdoom2003 乚乇卂刀乇尺 口下 卄乇乚工口丂

    No. Instead they get CANNONZ v3 straight from low orbit. For all their work helping the developers.:)
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