How to win every tech defend mission

Discussion in 'TT Stable & Console Bugs' started by Soviet_Samuelson, May 17, 2018.

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    1. go close to the friendly tech
    2. wait for the markers to appear, indicating enemies attacking
    3. get the hecc away
    4. the reward crate will come looking for you
    5. the friendly guy dies

    THIS IS BOGERS! I don't consider this a glitch, but more of an exploit. How you should fix it:

    1. friendly tech should fight back, but also be attackable by enemies.
    2. friendly tech should not be a li'l wimp, and should have enough stuff to fight back with
    3. if friendly tech dies, you lose!
    4. enemies that fall should be somewhat wimpy, so you can actually stand a chance against about 16 of them in a row without recharging

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    Most of the time, as far as I know, these neutral techs are thrown in the SCU quite soon after they ally with you. Making them ally with you while fighting would allow you to tear them apart into block parts. Which would defeat the purpose of the mission. Having them be circled very close by enemies would basically be a death sentence for them, unless they all target you instead, or you make them explode as soon as they spawn.
    A possible fix would be to have them spawn much farther, and allow for the enemies to target the neutral ai as it defends itself, switching to you if you attack.


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