How To Take Snapshots and save your techs to keep or to share with friends


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Jun 4, 2016
You need to click the camera button in the
Main game top left small button next to your BBs or in the
Snapshot Main Game.jpg
R&D Test Chamber
Snapshot R&D Test Chamber.jpg
Name your tech
Name You tech.jpg
Find your Terratech installation folder
Find your terratech instilation folder.jpg Your Techs that you have snapshoted will appear here these .png picture files are specially created by the game encoded with all the data needed to build your tech you can upload these .png files to the forum or email them to your friends just put the .png file in the game installation directory and you will be able to load the tech in R&D Test Chamber or buy it in game if you have unlocked all the needed parts and have enough BBs
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