How to Snapshot your Tech and locate the file.

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Jamie, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Jamie

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  2. marshrover

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    Wait so the snapshots are completely saved in the png format? How do you store the data for the tech in an image file?
  3. Sylver

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    Have you open a .png file as a text? It's stored there I think
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  4. harpo99999

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    the tech is stored on the png by steganography (ie it is cyphered in the alpha or least significant bit of the picture
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  5. marshrover

    marshrover New Member

    That's the first time I've seen this being used to share designs in a game. Interesting.
  6. harpo99999

    harpo99999 Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe

    yes terratech is the first game that I had seen that uses it, and it was clearly mentioned in the kickstarter way back
  7. reportingbug1

    reportingbug1 Member

    Could someone explain this message to me?
    I get this after every Invader that I kill.
    Am I supposed to build another Tech(if even just the GSO Cab itself, alone) then go near the enemy(assuming it doesn't kill me) then hit the Snapshot Button(camera button on bottom left) and then, that enemy's Tech is saved and can be loaded/bought? It doesn't make much sense, because the Snapshot Button ought to save my own Tech instead, so what gives? or I'm misunderstanding things here?


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  8. harpo99999

    harpo99999 Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe

    the message is giving instructions on how to create an invader for other players,
    ie (1) build a tech,
    (2) switch to it,
    (3) then click on the 'camera' button in the bottom left of the screen,
    (4) then name the tech and you can send the tech as an invader to invade other players that have twitter on
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  9. reportingbug1

    reportingbug1 Member

    Thank you @harpo99999 It makes sense now!

    Before, I was worried I wasn't "invading" the Invader bases* correctly, when I was getting that message and made me think there's a correct way to invade them instead of destroying them.

    * that Invader AI big base with shields and solars on top which doesn't move.
  10. harpo99999

    harpo99999 Well-Known Member Beta Deluxe

    reportingbug1, that is one of the invaders that I LIKE to get as it does not have any weapons, and all you need to kill it is drills, first drill all the supports off, then drill the cab on the side(inside the armour panels on a side of the invader) then you get the rest of the blocks (btw I (if have in game) usually place the scu in the middle of the invader, then start drilling, so that all the blocks that are detached from the invader (especially the geobatteries and solars) are collected
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