How to make good looking Better Future techs?


Breaker of Games
Jun 29, 2017
Hey. I've moved this thread from "Open" to "Community Help" because it seems perfect for this section. hope that's OK.:)

The temptation with Better Future's lovely curved blocks is to make all joins *perfectly* lined up. This greatly limits the shape of your tech, and tends to make it boringly bulbous, as you say.

I've recently played around with trying to circumvent this pitfall, with a couple of sleek UFO looking techs posted to the workshop: Hand Axe and Parashu.

ZG Parashu.png
I don't know if you appreciate that aesthetic, but I've made a deliberate effort to create a more interesting fuselage by using a series of differently curved blocks that don't *quite* match up, but are close enough to avoid showing the attach points on their sides.

I've got various other BF techs on my workshop too, but these seemed to match where you were coming from more.

Of course there's all manner of other, more creative examples from other players, so you could take a good look through the workshop for inspiration. Like...

This flying dragon. This jet plane. @Falchoin's big hover tanks. Most of the builds by "Evolution" on the workshop. Then hybrid BF + other corp builds, like this recent impressive factory mother-ship, this spaceship looking tech, and many others of course (there was a big factory by @Rafs that I can't put my finger on this second...).

Incidentally, why is your avatar a "Blocks Tech" image? (A dodgy knock-off of this game.)