How to fix 'Rotated Cab Syndrome'

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by WhitePaw2002, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. WhitePaw2002

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    I quote:
    It'd be GREAT if the devs made it so that every block rotated and transformed relatively if the main cab's rotation is not of normal. Would surely fix a lot of problems.

    A suggestion to a solution to a bug that causes bugs.

    Let me put it in a way that's probably legal to share:
    The block of the current tech's First Controller's rotation.
    Have it so that it rotates the grid of blocks appropriately about the origin. Nothing hard, just really basic math. Especially it being grid based.

    ...I don't know which devs to ping
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  2. Khaine

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    Or.. you could just add a temporary cab, remove the original cab, rotate it to the desired position, stick it back in and remove the temporary cab. Basic common sense :)
  3. WhitePaw2002

    WhitePaw2002 Modding Husky

    I don't think you understand the bugs that I mean...

    Here are two examples:

    Default Block Rotation
    The normal rotations of blocks resemble that of the rotation of the tech. Not that of the cab. Controls are relative to the cab, however.

    Build-beam Rotation
    When attempting to rotate, it rotates on the axis of the tech's normal yaw. Not that of the cab.
    (You can even see that I ended up rotating it upside-down here)

    The devs had a poll before to disable cab rotation, due to the problems it brought up. The community voted no, resulting in this being allowed. For big techs, this can become a problem. As you would have to rebuild the entire tech to fix a mistake made early on with the cab.

    (ignore the retexturing please)
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  4. WhitePaw2002

    WhitePaw2002 Modding Husky

  5. Khaine

    Khaine Active Member

    Ok, I think I understand. But.. does the system calculate the whole tech when deciding which axis to use? Or does it base its decision only the first block placed, cab excluded? How exactly does it make that decision process if I decide to build half of my tech one way and the other half in a different way?
  6. Captain Load

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    I've never seen this before.
  7. WhitePaw2002

    WhitePaw2002 Modding Husky


    ...please provide any forms of interaction upon this subject
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  8. zanzistar

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    Hey @WhitePaw2002,

    This is interesting, it's not an issue that we see many people ask about as rotating Cabs is still fairly rare. The Cabs direction has the most impact over the facing of the controls:

    Our first version fixed the forward direction (and other controls) when the Tech was built, based on the facing of the root controller (first Cab). If the Cab was moved afterwards, the directions all still stayed the same until that Tech was completely rebuilt from scratch. We changed that because Players were managing to get confused by placing a cab sideways then attaching wheels relative to the new cab facing and then wondering why their forwards and backwards controls weren't working.

    So now the direction of the root cab determines the controls of a Tech. If you place two cabs on opposite ends of a Tech and facing opposite directions, the first Cab will determine forward, but if that one is destroyed, the secondary back facing cab will determine the new forward.

    But you're right, we should use the same logic with the starting point for all Block rotations when being attached to a Tech, they should update to stay in step with the facing of the root controller too. I'll speak to Ade and get a bug in for it.

  9. ZeroGravitas

    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    @WhitePaw2002 is there anything here that's not already noted in the existing report?: "Aspects wrongly aligned to tech's original orientation, rather than Cab's (a list)".

    It sounds like you're merely asked for these to all be fixed by resetting the orientation of the tech's build grid to match the primary cab's new orientation. Makes sense, although should this also happen when you loose the primary cab to damage and the secondary cab is sideways, etc?

    It's sort of half allowed, in that you can do it by holding the (sole) cab and right clicking, but not with [F] and [G] keys (unless there are other cabs on the tech too). Just more minor bugs/inconsistencies awaiting coding time.
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