How to find Output and Crash Logs

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  1. Adriano


    With our request for output logs in our hunt for frame rate issues, seems like a good time to post a quick guide on how to find them. So here we go...

    For Windows users
    1. In Steam, right click on Terratech in your Library and select "Properties".
    2. Select "Local Files" on the tabs across the top, then "Browse Local Files".
    3. In the window that opens you should find the Terratech folder. Open this and find the output and crash logs. They are simple .txt files.

    For Mac users

    1. In Finder go to Go on the drop down menu, then Go To Folder
    2. Enter ~/Library to bring up the Library folder
    3. Open the Logs folder, then Unity
    4. In here you'll find the Player.log file. That's the output log right there.

    And there you go! Easy :)

    EDIT: If you're having trouble uploading the output logs to the forum, try zipping them up, you should be able to upload them then. Failing that, you can email them to us at [email protected] with a quick description of the issue you're having so we know what to look for!
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    ZeroGravitas Breaker of Games

    This is outdated now, could you please update it @Adriano? Particularly for Mac and Linux, if changed with too.
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