How to build AI planes?


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Jun 3, 2019
Now I'm buiding hover aircraft carrier. Originally it was supposed to carry 5 or 6 small planes for AI on explosive bots but then I had a problem: I have too many questions about building AI planes. I managed to build one but the only weapons it has are venture cluster missles which are not enough effective versus heavily shielded enemies. So I need some examples of AI planes which can deal with difficult enemies or some suggestions like what wearons to use, how to maintain height better and etc.
AI plane requirments:
Size - no more than 11 blocks wide
Must have shields
Ability to defeat heavily shielded enemies

The only reason for not doing this by myself is that any time I start using hawkeye explosive weapons plane becomes too heavy to fly
My carrier and AI plane with cluster missles are attached

Please help


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Mar 4, 2020
For bombers either cruise missiles as they pack a big punch to and through shields, or use paladin bombs as they pack a massive punch to any techs that arent well shielded.

And for fighters avalanche missiles are best as they have a near non-existant reload time and fire very quickly, wearing down shields. They can also be placed just about anywhere as its on a turret body and since its a venture weapon, its super light. Cluster missiles are near useless if just using 2 or 3, you'll need alot of them to do any serious damage and take a while to reload.

As for flight improvements, use hawkeye for speed and durability, or gso for small and light. Havok shields arent needed as more often than not, your way above an enemies firing ark and your too fast for cruise missiles to turn quick enough and for their guns to aim and shoot quick enough. I would still use the gso shield bubble because its lighter, doesnt consume as much energy, and has a decent cover range.

For armor either 1 or 2 layers of hawkeye blocks and the inside is all venture as hawkeye blocks can take a shot from a cruise missile to the face and and worst case scenario, will merely just fall off. With the gso shield you can block explosive damage and only receive AOE damage. And for armor plating, dont bother as its just too heavy for small attack vehicles. Dont add any thrusters as they take up space and will only add weight, same with fuel.

Its best to use venture hovers taking off and landing because they're light, small, and dont change how the plane moves or behaves while in flight. Its also usefull to have passive gyros to lessen or negate jerky movements such as rolling.
Hope this helps