How to back up your game?

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  1. john10112

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    Do you just copy your save game as a backup? Or do you have some other, better way of doing it?
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  2. QuackDuck

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    You just copy the save game and anything else you want to back up.
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  3. ZeroGravitas

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    That's exactly how I've tended to do it in the past. I've zipped all my saves and snapshots into a backup archive every day (takes about 30 seconds). And store that on a separate hard drive.

    Of course you can also just create a new save file every time you save manually in game (now). So I increment the letter appended to the end of the save file name every couple of missions, when I'm recording a playthrough. This protects against me making major cock-ups too, as well as rare bugs that might effectively corrupt a save.

    For those not in the know, these are the folder locations (quote from my bug reporting guide):
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