How do you have baners under your name?

Discussion in 'Ramblings' started by Dat Derp, May 23, 2018.

  1. Dat Derp

    Dat Derp Chief SFS scientist

    How do you do it please tell me.
  2. Fehn

    Fehn The Almighty Machine

    I'd recommend joining a Kingdom to get a banner, otherwise your chances are slim.
  3. Potato

    Potato Tinkerer of Titäns

    Plenty of ways:
    1. Beta Deluxe Banner: Buy the R&D Pack for Terratech
    2. Sumo Banners: You can only get this if you compete in Sumo. There will be some events soon, but I don't know when.
    3. Kingdom banners: Join a Kingdom. It may take a while because Saiwun is the one giving them. You've joined SFS, so expect their banner in a few weeks or ask Saiwun directly.
    4. Event-specific banners: There are some banners that are only given as a prize for a forum contest.
    5. President, Vice-President, Mining Crew, etc: These are only given to people who helped during Terratech's Kickstarter campaign.
    6. Canary: Help out in testing the game's unstable. Post bugs, glitches, etc. If you keep doing this, they might give you one.
    7. Moderator: Just be a peace-keeper in the forums and eventually you might be offered one.
  4. Dat Derp

    Dat Derp Chief SFS scientist

    Thanks for the help!
  5. Benbacon

    Benbacon Founder Of Bacon, Inc

    Do good stuff and you'll be credited
  6. harpo99999

    harpo99999 ah kick till it starts

    then again, you might not, it depends upon saiwun's decision and actions for the distribution of the banners

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