How do you download tech files?

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  1. Dat Derp

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    Sorry if there is already a post explaining this but here I go. How do you download one of the files that people post sometimes so that I can use it in my worlds. I would like to know where to save the files in my computer. (I use windows)
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  2. Galrex

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    Download the png snapshot > Make sure it's in the 'Snapshots' folder > Open TerraTech go to R&D > Load tech.

    From steam workshop: Login your steam account > go to TT steam workshop > subscribe the tech you want > Open TT go to R&D > Load tech (bottom left button) > Go to Steam tab > select the tech then load tech > save tech for later use in campaign if you like

    DONE ;)
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  3. Dat Derp

    Dat Derp Chief SFS scientist

    Thank you very much very appreciated hopefully this helps other people as well.
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  4. Galrex

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    You're welcome :)
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