How about a very basic version of co-op first?

What say you??

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Jan 3, 2015
The proper campaign co-op is obviously a distant future, but I'd say it doesn't even need to start with mission sharing off the bat.
How about just being able to share the same campaign space with a friend first? :D That wouldn't be too hard. Sorry, AS HARD, I'll rephrase lol And you can still have a friend come along on quests and watch each other's back? That, I would take over any other kind of update right now, and I'm sure many will agreeeee?

Sure, your friend wouldn't be able to get any quest rewards, but they could still get exp from killing techs and maybe the kills could be shared too, if that isn't too much. Oh wait, the quest rewards dispense as a world item. I guess it could be shared then? who gets to the box first would be the thing lol. The reward money would go to the quest starter, but meh? Maybe money could be a real world Item in this game as well! Why that's a whole new thing... How about when we kill techs in general, they drop some money that they have on them?

OR EVEN a bare bone version, where you would invite someone and they would just be the same player/entity as you,
not being able to take the Exp and progress back with them when they quit the co-op?

This is obviously a small team we are working with, and a fully fledged multiplayer does sound pretty daunting
especially since it came all this way towards being mainly a single player game.
Maybe we could get our feet wet with that, and really: "Almost a co-op" is still way better than a badly done full co-op" eh?
At least definitely better than no co-op lol
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