High-altitude bomber


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Jun 18, 2017
Bomber V4.png

So I started by making a plane for cruise missiles, basically a very wide platfrom with plenty of slots for weapons. It's pretty fast, but it needs a large space to turn and take off. I found out that replacing the missiles with mortars if highly efficient. You need to line up nicely for maximum effect, but when you do hit, you sure do hit hard. This is especially good for missions in which you have to destroy several small/medium techs, even though it deals great damage to geocorp techs as well. The best advantage of this is the range. You can go as high as you want, and the bombs will still hit. If you go so high that you can just barely see the ground, I find it easy enough to aim. It also have no reloadtime, so if multiplayer gets released this would be great for airsupport far away from enemies. It would be very weak to airplanes however, so high altitude is where it belongs.