Hey, I'm newbie!


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Nov 14, 2021
Hey, I'm a new user here, and I wanna know how its works. I'd really appreciate if u help me settle down here.

Geocorp Jumper

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May 24, 2016
New to TT, or new to the forum?

Assuming you mean the forum, some of the forum boards have a stickied thread with rules for how to format posts as well as some specific etiquette. All of the forum boards have a short description on their main page that tells you what they’re for, so you can get an idea of the what and where you can post threads.

But for a brief synopsis:
  • Announcements: Payload Studios posts announcements here for updates, events, news, etc.
  • Open: Kind of a general-purpose page where everyone can post whatever. If you want to post something, though, it’s worth checking to see if it’s better posted on another board.
  • Community Help, Questions and Guides: TT players post here for help and guidance with playing TT. Experienced players may also post entire guides here from time to time.
  • Bugs: This is TT’s official bug reporting tool. If you run into a bug in TT, you can report it here. Review their reporting guidelines when reporting a bug.
  • Multiplayer: People post here for pretty much anything related to TT multiplayer mode.
  • Suggestions and Feedback: The name says it all. Players can provide feedback on features in TT, or can suggest new features.
  • Modding: This is where players post the mods they create, or where they can ask questions about making TT mods.
  • Techs: When you create something in TT, you can share on this page. Sharing in the current Community Core thread gives your tech a chance to be featured in a Tech of the Week post!
  • Ramblings: Couldn’t think of a better name. Go here for role play, memes, jokes or just random chats.
  • R & D Test Chamber: This board is for everything related to the R & D Test Chamber DLC. Suggestions for the test chamber go here, too.
  • TT Translators: this board is primarily for TT’s official translators. Unless you volunteer to become a translator for TT, you probably won’t visit this board too often.
Aside from standard netiquette, I can’t think of much more to explain. If you have any specific questions, though, feel free to post them here! Welcome to TT and welcome to the Forum!
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