HE Armored Hoverplate

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Dynamix, May 17, 2018.

  1. Dynamix

    Dynamix Do you want to have a GOOD time?

    Basically a tougher,stronger hoverplate than GSO's,but a bit weaker than GeoCorp.
    Hawkeye is a futuristic military corp right? Why use wheels when you can fly! (or float)
  2. Soviet_Samuelson

    Soviet_Samuelson Living in my pizza boxes because mom kicked me out

  3. AstraTheDragon

    AstraTheDragon A dapper dragon

    I like this. The more we add blocks like this that flesh out black spots the more continuous and complete I feel the game will be. Plus most of the hovers we have are quite vulnerable and are probably the weakest point on a hover tank.
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  4. Benbacon

    Benbacon Founder Of Bacon, Inc

    I approve
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  5. WhitePaw2002

    WhitePaw2002 Modding Husky

    Have HE hoverpads ANGLED
  6. Icarus_The_King_Of_Angels

    Icarus_The_King_Of_Angels S H I N Y Mad Scientist

  7. Lord Zarnox

    Lord Zarnox Founder of the IFTTES

    Anyone remember my old Reskin competition suggestion (which would be a bit more than a reskin) of the hoverdrive?
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  8. JimmyBlether

    JimmyBlether SFS SUPREME COMMANDER (on roleplay holiday)

    For an angled hoverpad, have it like 2 gso 2 block half blocks next to each other (back to back) and on the armoured side, hoverplates.
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