Hawkeye VLS Missile (Vertical Launch System)

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Aug 25, 2018
Vertical launch systems are how most real world cruise missiles are stored, especially on land-based and sea-based weapons platforms. Usually they're vertical canisters embedded in the body of a ship with hatches.

We have something similar in TT, the (very weak) venture cluster rockets. I think hawkeye should get something similar, but perhaps a bit more in line with the cruise missile, since, you know, real world VLS canisters shoot cruise missiles.

The concept is simple, a skinny, tall 1x1x4 block, with attachment points around the sides and bottom. A hatch on top opens to allow a missile to come out. We could build actual missile batteries like on real ships or missile artillery vehicles like you always see in gulf-war era war footage.

The VLS Missile in flight would probably look like a cruise missile, but there are a couple key differences. Because you could pack the VLS missiles into a much tighter volume, it might be better to cut their damage, rate of fire, or both. Secondly, projectile behavior would have to be altered slightly to allow for the fact that the missile has to correct its angle before attack. Perhaps its speed profile should start very slow, then increase exponentially over the projectile life. Alternatively, the tracking strength could be very high just after launch (when it needs to turn 90 degrees), then reduce to typical cruise missile tracking after a moment.

It may not need it, but a balancing factor may be to require vertical positioning, either by lock (you can't rotate it) or that it would self detonate if you try to fire it on its side.

Check out the wikipedia article to see exactly what I'm talking about.

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Jun 21, 2018
Now we're talking, I've always wanted a concealed launch tube, but I can't agree with you on not letting it fire horizontally, I like it can be serve as a torpedo launcher as well as Vertical launch systems, maybe it will switch it's guiding system to torpedo mode if place on it's side.

Or maybe just add launch tube for torpedo