Hawkeye Cruise Missile won't fire if a block is above it - even if it wouldn't hit it


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Jun 11, 2018
Normally this won't be a bug, as the rocket would just pop off and hit the block and explode.

However, the code to check for this does not account for distance.

2019-06-01 (12).png

(Sorry for the large image, the Terratech forums don't allow you to resize).

In this tech I built, you can see how their is 0 blocks above the rockets and they are able to lunch. Then they go up, and go straight through the slot without exploding.

You can try it out here --> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1757848486

Now lets say I add a block above those rockets but do it above the slot. Basically, they would never hit it and therefor it would never be a issue.

2019-06-01 (14).png

However, that isn't the case. I added the blocks at two different heights, both of which would not be a issue to the rockets path. Despite this, the rockets are unable to fire.

In fact, it doesn't work for any height.

2019-06-01 (16).png

This rocket is unable to fire because the block is above it. This makes no sense, and needs to be fixed. I suggest that the code check for 4 blocks of free space in order to launch. Block at 5 blocks above? It would still fire.

Note, I say above relative to the rocket. This also does not work vertically. If I put a rocket on a wall, as long as I have 4 blocks from the rocket to the ground it will fire vertically

I would show a picture but I can only have a max of 3 photos. So here is a link to imgur:
Now, in that picture those rockets can fire and will not hit the ground before flying off vertically. However, If i put a block above it relative to the rocket:
Now it won't be able to fire, despite never coming close to hitting the wall.

This bug is annoying because it makes concealed rocket builds impossible, which would be a great concept.
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