Hawkeye Burst Gun: Completely Obsolete

Should this gun be reworked to be on-par with other small guns?

  • Yes, i want to actually be able to use it.

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  • No, i like to tickle my enemies to death or die trying.

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May 13, 2017
The Hawkeye Tickle Burst Gun
Is this gun some kind of inside joke i'm not getting?

A gun so horrendously underpowered, i'd be willing to bet most players don't even know about its existence. Rolling in with its 65 DPS, just about 4 times lower than the GSO ZK-47 Light Machine Gun (One of, if not the first guns you can have, 256 DPS) and being over 70% more expensive than its competitor.
There's no denying that the Burst Gun is complete garbage at its current state, i mean, the lasers integrated into a GSO cab do more DPS, and its buff cousin, the Hawkeye Machine Gun is literally 10 times better when it comes to DPS, and it takes the same space (Granted, it is a lot more expensive and a lot of recoil).

I can get that the gun is meant for smaller techs that don't wanna have big guns, or for filling in space with more guns, but if i wanna do that then i'd just use the GSO ones, which are way better, or 3 pound cannons if i want some explosives, or the Hawkeye Machine Gun if i want a powerhouse and have some money to spare. If it's for low recoil, i'd argue that the GSO one has lower recoil even while being 33% lighter, more DPS too, the only aspect in which the burst gun has it beat is a slightly higher range and more block HP, then again the bullets are so weak that you might do more damage just throwing the gun at your enemies.

Solution (kinda)
I'd like to actually make the gun usable, so here's my solution (Take it with a grain of salt, i don't know jack about game balance and i might create an OP monster by accident without even realizing it).

Bump up the fire rate to be on-par with the Hawkeye Machine Gun RoF (~13 rounds a second), with 1 second burst delay (counting from last round fired), and bump up the shot damage from 13(x5) to 80(x5), causing the damage of one burst to be 400, raising the DPS to ~289 (Better than GSO but worse than HE Machine Gun). This will make the burst damage high (400 in less than half a second), and the wait between bursts to be noticeable, making hitting full bursts your priority. Might also be worth increasing shot velocity to make it more short to mid-range, and increasing price to account for its HP.

Though maybe i made the burst damage a bit high (might just enable 1 bursting techs with enough guns). Smarter people who actually know game balance should find their own way of reworking the gun.


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Jan 30, 2020
The Burst gun feels mechanically superior to the GSO gun. In an actual moving fight, it's range and projectile speed could make it more useful. On the other hand, yeah the Hawkeye Machine Gun blows them both away in every aspect unless you were concerned about recoil, even that isn't a huge deal at this size of gun though.

If it were up to me I suppose I would increase the base damage and projectile speed/accuracy before I would up the rate of fire by any large amount. See what kind of results you get by giving it a significant boost in base damage and accuracy and go from there, as the mechanical superiority in actual combat may become clearer. At the level this gun is meant to fight at, some blocks don't even have 400 HP.

I do agree with the notion that it is kind of pathetic where it is right now, even if low grade guns were probably never meant to be impressive.


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Jan 3, 2015
Yeah I actually like how the peepee guns from HE look, but there reeeeally isn't a reason to use them for about maybe... An hour? of campaign gameplay until you get a slew of options that are way better lol
And ballistic weapons need to be buffed in general with a higher projectile velocity/range, and most importantly a target leading system. Having guns on a swivel is actually worse because they interfere with a player trying to lead the shot, since they would lock dead on to the target when we try to.
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Jun 16, 2020
Burst gun is so sad. I have only found it useful on disposable turrets and even then barely. IT isn't worth using most of the time.
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Apr 27, 2020
Maybe make it insanely powerful(per shot), bump up the price a bit and make it the go-to weapon for brawlers, achieving a very high dps(higher than regular mg) but with very limited range.


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Sep 20, 2019
i'd make it the same as the HE MG, but only fire for 1 second, and have a 5 sec cooldown.