Hawkeye Black Labs (whiteboarding thread)

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Jun 28, 2019
How about a railgun that can be built bigger to increase its damage but also its power cost? Sorta like the railguns from Cosmoteer, you get the launcher, the sections that can be stacked, and then the end of the railgun?


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Jun 10, 2020
The Canister missile is great and handy but when it comes to warships it's range is lacking. The missile can easily waste too much time re-orientating from a side missile array to a target on the other side to actually make much distance to the target (relative to the warship). This is mainly due to it's high velocity creating very large turning radii. A more warship orientated missile canister is my request, a simple extended life time or a specialized missile system. The Canister is more of a missile array for pursuer techs I find and not as viable for large warships.

Also I will like to point out how we have small weapons, then absurdly large weapons, nothing the size of the naval gun. :(