Hawkeye Black Labs - Released Blocks

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Feb 3, 2017
I would like to, especially given some of the recent big improvements to steam nuterra, but it's a low priority for me currently.
I am making my own corporation. My blocks will be based on BF blocks.
Do you want me to make Hawkeye Black Labs shared Unity project with you on this one? I can add blocks to project and then you can upload everything under your name on Steam?
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Sep 3, 2022
[Edit]: I'm repurposing this post for more block sets.

Hawkeye Black Labs Lore:

An offshoot of Hawkeye, Black Labs was formed out of a disagreement between an R&D engineer and the corporate leadership. The engineer believed that, while Hawkeye's arsenal of weapons was quite strong, their supporting technology was beginning to lag too far behind their competitors. Leadership disagreed, content to rest in the power of their guns and the reputation they had built.

In his off hours, he built and developed a suite of new armor blocks in secret. When they were finished, he presented them to his leadership and made them this bet: They could have the designs for free, but if they were profitable, Hawkeye leadership would have to give him his own fully funded R&D lab. However, the lab must be completely free of the burdens of Hawkeye's bureaucracy and it's shareholders, and the lab members should be able to work on any project they wanted without interference. With some persuasion, the corporate leadership agreed, seeing it as a relatively low risk bet. If the engineer was wrong, they still gained new armor designs, if he was right, then his original point should be taken to heart and they could capitalize the inventions of his new lab.

So the armor designs were put into production, and to the surprise of many, they were quite successful. The engineer had won his bet, so Hawkeye officially sanctioned and funded the creation of Hawkeye Black Labs.