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Sep 20, 2017
On a tree
i think i'll leave the modding comunity soon.
i don't think i'll port my mods to steam.

Feel free to port them if you want, just mention me ...
No way, really!? You've made a lot of good blocks though... It'll be super sad to see you leave, GWlegion. ;~;
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Sep 20, 2019
Do you have any mods by any other mod authors installed? Perhaps there is a mod conflict?

Up until now, the only gwlegion mod I had installed was Raw Resource Blocks. Though (as weird as this sounds), until now, I've never actually took advantage of this mod as I still find myself making regular, refined Resource Blocks. And while I don't find myself making Raw Resource Blocks, I always seem to notice that it is available for crafting in the Manufacturing tab, right underneath the refined Resource Blocks. Though, since I never use them, I suppose I could have missed a few instances of an absence of the option to craft raw blocks.

I do have a handful of other mods installed. And, on very rare occasions, fabricators on my autominer setups can jam up to the point that they refuse to fabricate anything. (Very rarely, when I go back to check how my autominer setups are doing, I find my Venture fabbers are stuck on 8/8 progress towards building a refined Venture Resource Block.)

The only way I found to fix this bug is to either (a) replace the fabricator with a new one or (b) completely exit out of the game, restart, remove the fabricator and reconnect it back where it was. That said, I never tried uninstalling Raw Resource Blocks (or other mods) to see if that fixes this. But this bug is rare for me, anyway.

:confused: Is it really necessary to craft or buy another fabricator to fix a fabricator bug? I mean, if you remove the bugged fabricator and put it into your inventory through an SCU, then immediately pull it back out again, I'd think that should fix it. (That is, unless restarting the game is needed to fix it.) I would be surprised if pulling the same block or part out of inventory is not the same thing as buying or crafting a brand new one.

I did not find a download link for gwlegion's GeoCorp Autominer in this entire topic/thread. The ONLY download I could find was this post in the CUSTOM BLOCKS topic:

Here, gwlegion stated that it still has "bugs" that he does not know how to fix. It looks to me like he uploaded it to ask for help in fixing these bugs before releasing it. Perhaps this is related to why your GeoCorp Fabricator seems bugged: due to having this buggy mod installed?

Nevermind... Later in that thread I see that WhitePaw2002 released a fixed version of gwlegion's GeoCorp Autominer.
I have a thing where i need multiple fabricators to get custom blocks to show in recipes.
Like, i need 3 fabbers, because the first 2 don't show custom blocks.