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Feb 10, 2015
The menu wouldn't need to get too big, I mean, there's only so many filters that you would need to be applied, even then, it could be a simple as clicking a "+" icon and then choosing from there, and even then you could limit the amount filters, so if you chose "weapons", "wheels", "wings" etc wouldn't show up.

All dynamic and stuff, and could just be sat at the top like tabs on a browser.

I figured that it may be easier that way you could see a part, and identify it, say you found a wheel, but wasn't sure what it belonged to (always going for wheels and weapons lol) you could just add the wheel filter, now you've got all the wheels, hover over the one you see, popup appears with info, and viola, you now know what corporation it belongs to and maybe how to make one.
Again I tell you, the main idea already is just as simple as you're describing! For example, if you want a GSO dirt wheel, then you'd just need to right click the fabricator, then choose "GSO", then choose "Wheels" from its submenu, and then hover the Dirt wheel, and see an overlay with all the useful information! That's all! There aren't too many blocks of the same type, of a single corp, that'd justify the need of a filter, tab, whatever! The submenus itselves act like filters... The only useful tab would be a queue tab, where you could set looping, delete, see remaining time, warning for missing resources...

Understand what I mean, now? :p:p:p


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Feb 7, 2015
Anybody else play Space Engineers? Crap tons of block types arranged in a graphical grid with easy filtering by category. (Just as an example.) I'm anxious to see what the devs settle on.


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Aug 13, 2014
I understood from the beginning, I just thought that having filters would reduce the need to have loads of submenus and look cool. :)