Gso machine guns

Epic afdc

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Mar 8, 2016
yeah gso needs more machine guns since they only have one. And I have a few ideas for machine guns for gso.

the gso zk74 dual machine gun: It is essentially two upgraded zk47s welded together. The weapon fires twice as fast and hits twice as hard, the range is also tripled.

The gso m3510: This weapon is a heavy machine gun made to compete with the Hawkeye repeater rifle, while the m3510 lacks in power and quality it makes up with fire rate, weight, and price.

The gso Johnson smg: a front mounted sub machine gun that fires weak rounds and fires fast, it has a limited firing angle horribly inaccurate. Great for close combat.

The gso big mama: a massively oversized minigun that shreds through blocks in seconds with high caliber rounds and an insanely high fire rate also has terrible accuracy. This weapon is very large and cumbersome and it can take a beating.

The gso big daddy: for those who say the big mama is too weak, insane fire rate and damage, horrible accuracy, huge size and weight. This thing will bore through anything in a matter of seconds.

The gso micro gun: a compact, high fire rate, low damage three barreled minigun