GSO Kingdom


Apr 2, 2017
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Nope, too many kingdoms. Everyone is in a kingdom now and it's hard to get other people in. You can join the Kebabs, it's more powerful than a fresh new kingdom. To join, you must build a tech that you think will serve us greatly. You also have to choose a role from the list of roles in the main post.


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May 20, 2017
You can join the Kebabs, it's more powerful than a fresh new kingdom
Other kingdoms too:
Lemon Kingdom- Never goes to war, but has supposedly "unbreakable defenses". All Techs are safe there (unless you get kicked out)

Kiwi Kingdom- Gets the most combat action of any other kingdom, but is enemies with pretty much every other kingdom in existence.

TAC- Has a giant war-spaceship. Development of this kingdom is very slow however. (May have been the source of inspiration for "RP battles") *might* have inspired the creation of the kingdoms below.

UESO- Huge space kingdom, but needs new citizens to expand as it has very little.

Duck Kingdom- Just reached space and the "moon". Best place for aircraft.

Chaos Continuum- Freed rules and every citizen has control over the kingdom.

Kebab Kingdom- Currently the "hottest trending kingdom" right now, with people commonly joining it. Well known for its good confident attitude towards things.

Silver Fleet Systems and Titanium Gear- Both mercenary kingdoms of sorts