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  1. the.nihilist

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    i searched for it and there have been some mentions of a recycler mainly as the then missing Scrapper. So i will suggest this block as it would look to me. Maybe someone already put the idea out there and i'm just blind … ;)

    The Problemis at the moment any scrapped advanced block gives back components and resources. Resources that aren't needed can be fabricated back into blocks and stored in the inventory. Overhead components can only be sold, but what if i not want to sell the components? Storing them in Silos becomes a pain fast.:confused:

    The GSO Component Recycler – in short it is just a 'scrapper' for components fed from the conveyor line – breaks any component down to the chunks of it's recipe. If lower grade components are part of the recipe then those will be given back and would have to run through the process again for further recycling or can be filtered out to be used in production. The Dongles of the Component Factory could be made a prerequisite to recycle the different grades giving them a secondary use.

    To me it would make sense to introduce this extra block and close the gap in manufacturing instead of extending the function of the Scrappers or allow compressed components.
    With the Scrapper i see the problem that each corporation has one that would need extension and it already deals with blocks from the ground and not chunks from a conveyor, making it a potential bug problem when extended.
    And compressing components would mean to introduce 24 more blocks (one for each component) with little use and as it is given would mean to have a big batch of components of one type when scrapped, imho only interesting for production on a very big scale, so most of those blocks would just sit in the inventory and collect virtual dust.
  2. Seth_Seth

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    Would you be able to get these through missions like the normal resource blocks that we currently have?
    wait dat might be straight up broken, maybe around the endgame you start to get them?
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  3. the.nihilist

    the.nihilist Semiprofessional Idler

    It's not my idea, i just seen someone suggested compressed component blocks in another thread i can't find again. i personally am opposing that idea here because it will again will mean leftovers to deal with and reduces flexibility by far.
  4. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    Considering that the inventory is limitless (well it's a signed 4 byte integer so 2,147,483,647 per block) why do you feel the need to break down one sort of block to store as another sort of block?

    Store resources and turn components into BB (apart from tier 4 which you can turn into Payload Terminals (1x each t4 component)).

    So -1... ;)
  5. Khaine

    Khaine Active Member

    I think his point is that there are components that require rare and expensive ores to make and he'd rather have an option to scrap the component for the ores instead of only having the option to sell the component.
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  6. Seth_Seth

    Seth_Seth Temp. Leader of SFS, Gamer

    and we're back to 0
  7. the.nihilist

    the.nihilist Semiprofessional Idler

    Exactly. It's about having an option other than selling. For the 'sell and buy' players nothing changes, for the 'crafters' this would close the cycle perfectly. ;)
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  8. Lost Ninja

    Lost Ninja Well-Known Member

    I'm a crafter though...

    I don't see the need to be able to scrap components, the high tier components take too long to make en-mass as it is so I wouldn't even bother scrapping those and the low tier ones I find it easier to scrap blocks with them for crafting with (any excess I can sell). The only ones you'd recycle realistically would be the t1 & t2, and only then for a very limited amount as realistically the resources you're recovering are much easier to get from blocks directly. If the entire crafting process was overhauled to make it more of a focus or if scrapping lost resources/components as it was performed only then could I see a need for storing more... and even then I don't think a resource recycling is especially needed.
  9. the.nihilist

    the.nihilist Semiprofessional Idler

    I agree, none of it is needed. That includes the whole 'manufacturing' as we can just sell and buy everything. So in general talking about a 'need' is a bit difficult when the discussion is about something that is generally 'unnecessary'. To me in an open world 'crafting' is as much a focus as you make it a focus and that is imho fine as it is. Well, performance problems in the means of bugs and quirks i see too, but that in my eyes doesn't negate any addition to the flexibility of the system in some future.

    As we talk about crafting i not see why there is any issue with time or the complexity of it at all. Sure it takes a lot of time if you craft something complex on a basic single conveyor line setup, but that isn't a solution for mass production anyhow. Especially as you talk about mass production of blocks with several complex and exotic components the solution is a dedicated setup that is optimized for the specific process. Then there is no issue with production time at all.

    Surely it is 'easier' to just buy a block and throw it in the scrapper for a certain resource, but it's not only about the resources as much as about the access to the different stages of the components for reuse. But back to the resources, why should i actually buy resource blocks when i have the option to build a scrapping/recycling setup once and can get everything down to refined resources and craft the blocks myself. The only thing adding a little more complexity is that there are a few steps beyond scrapping the blocks.
    And in the end, once both variants are setup we're talking of scrapping stuff for money and then buying Resource Blocks against scrapping and recycling and in the end of the process having Resource Blocks. Which of these is actually easier besides one taking some more time to build?
  10. Khaine

    Khaine Active Member

    While I've been told that scrapping is a null sum game (whatever takes X resources to make can be recycled for those same X resources), selling is definitely not a null sum game. Take Erudite, for example. One Erudite sells for 233BB, but a GC block of erudite (containing 120 erudite) is bought for 83880BB.

    Thusly, it is in my financial interest that I be allowed to recycle components into its base ores instead of just selling.

    Now, I didn't actually dive deep into "what if you make a seed AI, won't the component sell for more even if you buy the ores needed for it?", but I suspect that's not true either.

    The bottom line is with money you can do pretty much anything. But some people prefer to play the game nomad style instead, not relying on money but rather on scavenging invasions or looking for celestian seams or whatever. For these people (of which I'm not a part of, mind you) having a finer degree of control over management of their available resources is *quite* important.

    PS: I really hate selling components. But I don't use them fast enough. So I don't recycle as much as I should. Which kinda neuters that little bit of the game for me.
  11. the.nihilist

    the.nihilist Semiprofessional Idler

    The sell price of the Seed AI is at 3924, the production cost with all resources bought in Resource Blocks is at 6201. So the loss is ~36%.

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