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Aug 13, 2014
We at TerraTech would like to welcome you to this here forum / website.

TerraTech is a “Crowd funded” game what this means is that every backer in this forum has in some small way helped to make TerraTech a reality

We welcome you to comment and get to know your fellow players and fans, but before you comment, please take care to remember this is a family friendly environment and so will be monitored and moderated. We ask that posts are as followed;
  • Factual
  • Not hate mongering (racist, sexist etc)
The site

We are a very open and diverse bunch each with their own loves and likes. You may not agree with us and that’s fine in fact if you do not agree with us tell us why, we love a good discussion of ideas and as long as you do not attack or insult the players, site, game directly then it should make for an interesting exchange of ideas.

As the site grows we may find that member may feel more comfortable only talking about one area of TerraTech such as Sumo or Wing It and this is fine also, you are not expected to always have something to say or to share, all we ask is that you get involved when you can and help us keep this site alive because there is plenty of news and designs out there when it comes to TerraTech.

Feel Free to engage with us

TerraTech is run day-to-day by a bunch whom are more than happy to talk about all things TerraTech and gaming these are

We also have a great bunch of regulars who can often be found online in one form or another and with out these players and fans TerraTech wouldn’t be a fun as it is so please make sure you say hi ion our regular streams. All our players and fans are are more than happy to chat to you, trust us!

Thank you for your interest in TerraTech and we hope to see you uploading threads, commenting, making friends and chatting to us on the TerraTech stream soon!
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